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    How to make a bow in Minecraft


    • How to build a bow in Minecraft
    • How to make arrows in Minecraft
    • How to fix a bow in Minecraft

    How to build a bow in Minecraft

    If you want build a bow on minecraft, the first important thing you need to do is get all the necessary resources to carry out this project. The bow is an essential weapon, which you must obtain as soon as possible in the world of Minecraft, as it allows you to face enemies from a distance, without risking damage from those who launch close attacks.

    To craft a bow, you need to recover two essential resources: the Bastone and Lanyard. The latter can easily be obtained by defeating the spiders you find during the night or in dark places. You can also make it from cobwebs found in some existing places in the world of Minecraft, such as bookstores in fortresses or mines.

    As regards the Bastoneinstead, you need to collect some wood first. To do this, use an ax (or just your bare hands) on a tree, in order to get the Logs of Wood. The latter you have to work them in a workbench for two consecutive times: the first time to obtain the Wooden boards and the second time to manufacture i SticksUsing 2 units of Wooden Planks.

    After you've got everything you need, inside a workbench, add 3 units of Staff e 3 units of Lanyard, so you get a bow. The latter must then be inserted into a quick slot in the bottom bar of the inventory, to equip it and use it against enemies.

    On the bows you make you can also apply bonuses, through the Spell Books. All you have to do is create one, using the advice I gave you in this guide of mine and infuse the bonus obtained on the bow, using an anvil.

    I warn you that, unlike other weapons in Minecraft, the bow requires arrows to be used. If you don't have any arrows available, this weapon will be completely useless. You will only be able to use it as a resource for other projects, such as that of the Distributor. For this reason, in the next chapter, I will explain how to make arrows for use with the newly built bow.

    How to make arrows in Minecraft

    Le arrows they are essential items to craft in order to use a bow. There are several types, but for now I'll tell you how to make normal ones.

    First, you need to get the following materials: the Flint, Bastone and Piuma. Let's go in order in order to explain where to find each of these materials. As for the Flint, you can easily get it by simply digging underground. You must know, in fact, that there is a probability, albeit low, that you can get flint when you break a block of stone. You can also find it as a reward inside the chests scattered around the world of Minecraft.

    Il BastoneInstead, it is a resource you already know, as I told you about it in detail in the previous chapter. In summary, you have to enter 2 units of Wooden Planks in a workbench. The FeathersInstead, you can get them from chickens, parrots or even foxes. You can also find them in the scattered chests you find during your adventures.

    Now that you have everything you need, open the workbench interface and place inside it 1 units of Flint, 1 units of Staff e 1 unit of Feather. By doing so, you will be able to collect from the dedicated slot 4 units of Arrow, useful to be used with the bow.

    Now that you have the arrows for your bow, you must know that there are variants of the latter, of the enchanted type, which can infuse benefits / malus on the target hit. The enchanted arrows you can create are as follows.

    • Spooky arrow
    • Night vision arrow
    • Invisibility arrow
    • Jump arrow
    • Fire resistance arrow
    • Speed 鈥嬧媋rrow
    • Arrow of slowness
    • Arrow of the master turtle
    • Aquatic breathing arrow
    • Care arrow
    • Damage arrow
    • Poisoning arrow
    • Regeneration arrow
    • Arrow of strength
    • Arrow of weakness

    All the arrows that I have listed in the previous lines can be obtained easily, by soaking the latter in their respective potions. Only the Spectral Arrow can be created without the use of a potion - all you need is 1 units of Arrow e 4 units of Luminite Powder, to be placed in a workbench.

    For all the other arrows, however, as I anticipated, a specific potion is required. Speaking of which, what you need to do is produce the Persistent Potions in an alembic. You must know that there are many different types of potions in Minecraft and their effect can undergo alterations based on the type of potion that is used.

    Generally speaking, all potions are obtained from Cruets of water. When this is reacted together with a Nether's Verruca, a Strange Potion, which is the basis for creating the different alchemical solutions.

    After you add the appropriate reagent, it will be transformed into a specific potion. To give you an example, if you mix one in an Alembic Golden carrot along with a Strange Potion, you'll get one Potion of Night Vision.

    The potion you get from the first mix can be enhanced by continuing to mix it with other reagents. Using the Gunpowder, you will get the Throwing Potion. Continuing mixing with the Breath of Dragon, you will get the Persistent Potion. It is this last potion that you will need to dip the arrows with the effect you want to apply. When you got the Persistent Potion, all you have to do is place it on a workbench, along with 8 units of Arrow.

    The fundamental problem is being able to find the Breath of Dragon. This resource can only be obtained by collecting the fire that releases the Drago dell'End. Therefore, to be able to craft enchanted arrows, you must be able to reach and, therefore, face this dragon in the best possible way. In this regard, you can read the advice I gave you in this guide of mine, to find out how to find this creature.

    I warn you that a bow can be enchanted with the bonus Infinity. The latter is very useful so that the bow can shoot infinite arrows, without you having to worry about having to create new ones. This bonus, however, does not apply to enchanted arrows and the latter will be consumed regardless of whether the Infinity bonus on the bow is active.

    How to fix a bow in Minecraft

    As you use a bow, it wears out. You can view its status via the bar that you find just below its icon: the higher the wear level, the lower the arc status bar will be. If this bar goes all the way down, the bow will be destroyed, losing it completely.

    Generally speaking, there is no point in repairing a simple bow, as a new one can easily be built. However, the situation is different for enchanting bows, so you risk losing the bow completely with a good bonus.

    In this regard, to restore a damaged arch, you must necessarily carry out its repair. How? Simple: all you have to do is insert the damaged bow into an Anvil together with another in good condition, in order to transfer the state of the latter to the main bow. It was easy, wasn't it?

    How to make a bow in Minecraft

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