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    How to Make an Among Us with Plasticine

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    With plasticine you can make countless items and dolls, it is an ideal material since it is modest, easy to control and extremely good for children. More now that the Among Us round has become so noticeable among younger gamers, they are sure to be interested in finding out how to make an Among Us made out of clay to rejuvenate their beloved characters and keep them close to home.

    Assuming that you sincerely like plasticine specialties and that you also like Among Us, you cannot miss these simple guidelines to build your own space traveler.

    Materials to make a Plasticine Among Us:

    Notice the tone clay you need to put on for your personality body.

    Also buy blue clay for the viewfinder and white clay to make the middle focal point shine. Make sure that the blue hue is basically the same as what we typically find on the computer so that it's right with the final product.

    You will need toothpicks and a blade or shaper for the clay, it should not be extremely sharp.

    Step-by-step instructions for making an Among Us from plasticine

    Unlike other works of art, to assemble an Among Us from plasticine you do not have to stress yourself with molds or with large amounts of pieces since you are not going to use them. Here what you want is to have an incredible observant eye to check the status of each piece of the body of the group.

    Take the clay of the hue that you concluded that your personality set will be and then give it the state of an oval, where one end is bent and the other totally straight.

    At the straight end, use the shaper to shape the space explorer's legs, scooping out lots of playdough.

    Running his fingers tenderly over the clay, he begins to smooth the surface of this person and give him a more stylized look.

    Then, at that moment, make an oval with the blue clay and glue it to the head, which is your watchman.

    Add limited amounts of blue mud in a round shape to recreate the brightness of the scopes.

    Next, make a square shape and glue it to the space traveler's back, similar to the common bag that everyone in the game carries.

    In the event that you need it, you can involve one more clay to make decorations for your personality, similar to hats or clothing.

    Discretionary: you can use the chopsticks to build the parts that you find delicate on your doll, such as the legs or to connect the hat to the head without damaging its unique shape.

    Now you realize that it is very natural to collect equipment in plasticine. Get imaginative and you can have the whole group prepared with pets and everything you need.

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