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    How to Remove Ban from Among Us

    One day you try to enter the game Among Us as you have done systematically and unexpectedly, this time you understand that a mistake creates the impression that prevents you from reaching it, why? Perhaps this is because the designers have located a motivation to hinder or "boycott" your entry into the game. Whatever the explanation, we can help you find an answer to find out how to remove the restriction from Among Us.

    For what reason have I been boycotted in Among Us?

    To begin with, you should ask yourself this question, since from there you will want to know if you can recover your registration or not. InnerSloth's purposes in boycotting a player are:

    You have been discovered using hacks/mods to modify the game. These devices that you use to remove the promotion or get everything for free in the game are not legitimate or official by the designers, so they will boycott it.

    A client listed you for oppressive content/spam. Visiting Among Us has been used for bigoted, sexual, and savage comments for some time now, which is why the game currently engages the actual hosts to kick the player who performs any of these activities. Although in these open doors, you can only be eliminated from that particular room or even from a game.

    You go to the games. The moment the game identifies that you are deliberately leaving many games in order not to lose, it also "rejects" you as this influences the exposure of the different players in the game.

    Step-by-step instructions to remove the ban from Among Us

    Assuming that you have been banned for leaving the games, this discipline only lasts 5 minutes, after which time you will return to playing normally. Assuming you keep invading with a similar justification for leaving the game, you will be restricted once again.

    In the event that the boycott is for using hacks, the engineers will evaluate your case and choose whether to delete your record for a short time or forever,

    Assuming a host is the person who restricted you, simply find a new alternate room and try to abide by the visiting rules within it.

    If you think you have been restricted for no reason and you cannot access your file, contact the designers through their email and clarify the circumstance, after some time of evaluating your case they will offer you an answer and ideally, they will they'll return your file if they find you're right.

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