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Preliminary information

Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to ride a dolphin in minecraft, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, the functionality to ride the dolphins has always been highly desired by Minecraft fans, but Mojang has never integrated it directly into the game.

In other words, using Minecraft in its "basic" version it is not possible to mount "on the saddle" of dolphins, but only feed them, play with them or follow them to find wrecks, just like I explained to you in my guide on how to tame a dolphin in Minecraft.

However, the community has been very busy and it was the enthusiasts who created them against, that is, modifications to the game, which allow you to ride the dolphins in any version of Minecraft. Among other things, in the Bedrock version for Windows 10, consoles and portable devices there is additional content accessible directly from the official store that allows you to do this.

In short, although it is not possible to ride dolphins "by default", in reality there are several solutions to do this in Minecraft, including one that does not require special changes, since it is located in the internal store of the Bedrock version of the game.

How to ride a dolphin in Minecraft Java

THEJava edition of Minecraft for PC is very popular with mod lovers, as a lot of custom content made by the community is only available for this version of the Mojang title. In particular, many rely on the version 1.12.2, compatible with many of the best mods for Minecraft.

As for dolphins, the mod that allows you to ride them is called Mo 'Creatures and it is compatible with version 1.12.2 of the title. To proceed, you must first configure the profile forge, required to use mods in the Java version of Minecraft.

Therefore, connect to the official Forge website and click on the item first 1.12 present on the left and then on that 1.12.2 (or choose a version compatible with the mod to your liking). Then click on the button Installer, skip any advertising (usually a button appears at the top right Skip) and wait for the download of .jar file of the mod.

When the download is complete, start the file forge- [versione] -installer.jar obtained, enable the box Install client (which should already be checked by default) and click the button OK. Perfect, Forge has been successfully installed on your computer.

Next, connect to the CurseForge website and click on the button Download, present on the right. Clearly, you have to be careful to choose the mod compatible with the right one Minecraft version.

To make everything work as it should, you must also download the mod Custom Mob Spawner, again through the CurseForge portal.

Once the download is complete, move / copy the files DrZharks + MoCreatures + Mod- [version] .jar e CustomMobSpawner-[versione].jar in mod folder of Minecraft. On Windows, the path to follow is C: Users [username] AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods, while on MacOS is ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / mods. If you are using Windows, you may be interested in my tutorial on how to show hidden folders.

Important: rename the file of the first mod removing all the "+" symbols, thus leaving DrZharksMocreaturesMod- [version] .jar. If not, the animals introduced by the Mo 'Creatures mod will be invisible. Once that's done, open the Minecraft launcher, premi sull 'icona della freccia verse il basso located on the left, select the profile forge and fai clic sul tasto Play.

At this point, start a game in Creative mode, premium pulsating E on the keyboard, click thecompass icon present at the top and type “dolphin”, putting inquick inventory the item Dolphin egg.

Now, find a River and use theDolphin egg. You will see a Delfino.

Come closer to the animal and press the right mouse button. You will be asked to type the name of the dolphin and say first of all Done.

Perfect. Your character will rise "Riding" the dolphin and you can then use the latter as a “mount”.

I remind you that you can press the button Left Shift to go down. To see your character in third person, just use the button F5 keyboard. Great, you have now managed to achieve your goal in the Java version of Minecraft.

How to ride a dolphin in Minecraft PE

La version for mobile devices of Minecraft, which in reality is no longer called "Minecraft PE" but only "Minecraft", allows you to "ride" the dolphins through a special component in the game store.

To proceed, launch the Minecraft app and press the button Marketplace. Then tap onicon of the lens of ingrandimento present at the top right and type the term “dolphin” in the screen that opens. Press, therefore, on the box of the mod Ocean Animals and check out the latter.

As you can see from the official video of the mod and as written in the description of the store, it allows you to ride the dolphins. However, it is priced at 5,99 € or 830 coins (960 coins cost 6,99 euros). In short, it is a very interesting and "unofficial" solution, but it is paid.

For more details on the store of mod area of Bedrock version of Minecraft and on come installarle, I suggest you to consult my guide dedicated to the contents made by the community, in which I explained in detail all the possibilities offered by the digital store of the Mojang title.

However, there are enthusiasts who have managed to create a free modCalled Dolphin Riding Addon, designed specifically for the version for mobile devices of Minecraft. This is content that is not available on the internal store, but the game allows you to import it in another way, without modifying internal files or the like.

To proceed, connect to the MCPE-Monster website from your mobile device, click on the link uncontrolleddolphin.mcpack, wait a few seconds and tap the button Download file from server.

Once the download is done, you have to open the file obtained through Minecraft un File Explorer. For example, on Android I used FX File Explorer, downloadable directly from the Google Play Store. For devices without Google services, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to install apps on Huawei. I will use FX File Explorer to give you a concrete example. In any case, for more details, I invite you to consult the official guidelines.

To proceed, navigate to the Download, or where you saved the file .mcpack, press and hold on the latter, select thethree dots icon and tap on the item Open With. Then click on the icon of Minecraft, guarantee theautorizzazione to access the internal memory files and wait for the game to notify you that theimport of the mod was successful.

Now, go to the path Play> Create New> New World> Create New World and set the mode Creative. Move, therefore, to the card Behavior packages and expand the entry MY PACKAGES. At this point, tap on Dolphin Riding Addon and press the button first Attiva e poi quello Continue.

Once you have set the other world options to your liking, tap the button Crea to start playing.

At this point, press onthree dots icon present at the bottom, to access theInventory, e fai tap sull 'icon of the lens of ingrandimento. Therefore, type the term "Dolphin" and move theDolphin egg inside your quick inventory (just select it and press on a free slot).

Exit, therefore, from the inventory, find a River and use theDolphin egg. You will see the Delfino in front of your character.

Now you just have to get close to him and press the button Sali which appears below. In this way, the dolphin will take you somewhere it wants. Unfortunately with the latest version of Minecraft for mobile devices it is not possible to directly control the dolphin, but you can anyway to ride in this way.

In case you didn't know, the mobile version of the game is that Bedrock, which is the same as available for Windows 10 and console. In this chapter I used Minecraft for mobile devices as a practical example, but in reality the internal store is the same and you may therefore be able to find the "unofficial" mod Ocean Animals. However, this is up to the developers.

Also, you may have difficulty installing the package Dolphin Riding Addon made by the community, as it is designed with the version for mobile devices. Finally, I remind you that Minecraft is a title in constant development, which may be updated at any moment.

In any case, since you are a fan of the Mojang title, I invite you to consult the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, where you can find many guides that could provide you with some interesting ideas for your gaming sessions.

How to ride a dolphin in Minecraft

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