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    How to Summon Killer in Among Us

    There are a ton of celestial stories within the Among Us game, stories made up by certain players in search of fame, tales of real gamers terrified that others decided to alarm them by playing at dawn, and then there are the "vilified character" narratives.

    These reviled characters are exceptionally famous across the board, as luckily (or unfortunately, depending on how you want to look at it) numerous players have passed over them and filled the network with different stories. Among the reviled characters are Iván, Andrómeda and one of the most feared: the executioner.

    How to take the executioner in Among Us?

    To check it, here is the step by step to achieve it:

    Regardless of which map you choose to try it on, you should keep in mind that for this to work you need to be in the game between 1am and 3am, or in all likelihood, during the day it won't appear.

    Gather the assassins in The Skeld

    Log in and enter The Skeld map in free mode.

    You must be under the cameras, each of them, for no less than 10 seconds. The last camera should be the one on the route.

    Follow up with a job in that room and when you dare not wait any longer, it will appear before you.

    Gather the Assassins at Mira's HQ

    Choose freemode again and enter Mira HQ map

    At 2:00 am you should generally go to the decontamination room and hit the locks open and close until the power starts to fade.

    Surely you will see that the lights went out and you should try to fix it, in this way Killer will appear.

    Call Killer on Polus

    Go into free mode to no one's surprise and choose Polus's map

    Go to the windows and stay 5 seconds on them.

    Go to the Polus tree and stay there until the lights start to go down.

    Then, at that moment, Killer will appear from behind.

    His appearance is, without a doubt, what makes all the players who have noticed him or the people who, as far as is known, have seen him, be so afraid of him. Its body is larger than a typical piece of the group, it has a brown hue despite others saying it looks golden, and its skeleton is noticeable in the storage compartment part. It's smeared with blood on the visor and on part of his bones as well. Some say that it should be visible with a blade on the body.

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