The Nine Pillars of Peace

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To have a deep understanding of the mission of the nine pillars of harmony in Genshin Impact, continue reading in light of the fact that you will find each of the insider knowledge.

This important Genshin Impact mission includes a problematic interaction that requires consideration and experience. In any case, stop stressing, currently we will advise you in an organized way how to do the mission and defeat the nine pillars of harmony.

Guide The Nine Pillars of Peace

There are nine pillars of harmony in Genshin Impact. Many people still wonder if these footholds are kept discreet, however in reality to properly approach this Bolai Mission you must follow these means:

Communicate with the stone foothold in the center of the Ciujue slope in Liyue.

Accumulate all the Geoculus to build the Geo Statues rank to ten.

Climb up to the nine footholds individually and set up the stones.

Focusing on the weather is critical, as certain opponents have a chance to show off from footholds to amaze you.

When you're done, you'll want to enter through the wreckage entrance. Now you need to fight vigorously with a Ruin Guard, then, at that point, Geovishap Hatchlings, and ultimately the Ruin Hunter.

After defeating all the rivals, you'll really want to keep hitting all the chests. So, at that point, you'll be on the trail of a quirky chest, and a Royal Flora inside.

The Royal Flora is a 5 star thing. You will have two options with the Dull Ring you have found:

The main one, visit Bolai at Liyue port and sell the ring for €180.000 of financial debt with specific things, or talk to Lilang and sell the ring for €200000.

You must choose what suits you best to continue promoting the game. Have you previously chosen?

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