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    Buzz from Brawl Stars is a chromatic brawler. He has a reasonably high health rating, deals a ton of damage with his assault, and a high build speed that can be considerably faster due to his super, which will charge faster when Buzz is around. of the opponents of the brawler. His assault consists of throwing five hits in a spread like an automatic rifle, emptying the blows from left to right, being a somewhat slow assault, requiring 0,09 seconds to stack.

    About Brawl Stars Buzz

    Brawl Stars buzz in 1 moment

    How old is Buzz in Brawl Stars?

    Buzz is a dinosaur that is between 200 and 300 million years old.

    Buzz's statements in Brawl Stars in Spanish

    I rule this pool - I rule this pool

    That is an admonition! - That's an admonition!

    Confirmed Lifeguard - Certified Lifeguard

    Prepared for the obligation - Ready for the obligation

    How to get Buzz in Brawl Stars?

    Buzz is a person chromatic that can be opened as a Brawl Pass reward at level 30 in Season 7: Jurassic Splash, or can be opened by reaching level 30 in the Season 7 Brawl Pass.

    Buzz skins in Brawl Stars

    Bornbad: This aspect is elite for the Brawl Pass.

    Buzz's historical background from Brawl

    Buzz is a dinosaur that for some reason has now rolled up. He has a kind and affectionate character with his teammates and loves to participate in the Brawl Stars and in the pools.

    Celestial abilities of Buzz from Brawl

    Harder Torpedo: Causes Buzz's Super Stagger duration to increase to 1 second, which is 0,5 seconds longer than normal.

    Sharp Eyes: Buzz's total stat area of ​​effect is increased by an additional 33%, which is an increase of 6 or 7 distance tiles.

    Super the Buzz de Brawl

    Torpedo Dispatch: Buzz dispatches a torpedo berry that, assuming it hits an opponent or divider, will consequently drag Buzz there, hitting nearby opponents for a duration that changes based on the distance Buzz is when he launches his super at the target mark. appearance.

    Brawl Buzz Devices

    Hover Hold: When this gadget is activated, his super is naturally fully energized, however his next super will not paralyze his opponents. Cannot be used in case the super is pre-charged

    Instructions for using Buzz in Brawl Stars

    Buzz causes great damage assuming that he assaults at a clear range point, however this movement must know how to choose when to do it since brawlers assault like this, since different brawlers such as Darryl, Spike or Bull can cause real damage at a clear range point in a way Similary.

    It is better in short and medium distances than in significant distances, since it would be an undeniable challenge to hit, however, for this we can use its super, which will allow us to move towards enemies and assault them at a point distance as long as we have the door open.

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    Here we will put the best photographs and drawings of Buzz from Brawl Stars with the aim that you print them and put the tones you need.

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