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    How to make a book about Minecraft


    Preliminary information

    How to make a book about Minecraft

    Before we start talking to you about how to make a book about minecraft, it is important to explain to you what materials you will need to use to make this object.

    First, you need to make some paper: this resource is obtained from the processing, in a workbench, of 3 units of Sugar cane. This plant can be found mainly near waterways and you can recognize it by its elongated shape which occupies 1 to 4 blocks in height. Don't confuse sugarcane with bamboo though: they are very similar to each other, but the latter has a darker color and is found only in the jungle.

    Once this is done, you need to get the leather, which you can very well obtain by defeating the cows, the horses, the donkeys, the muli or lama. It's not a guaranteed resource, but you won't need a lot of it - that's enough 1 unit of Leather for each book you want to create.

    Now that you know all the resources you need to make a book, it's time to move on to the next chapter, where I'll explain in detail how to make one. I warn you that, in the course of this guide, I will also indicate the procedures for creating other types of books, which will require additional materials: I will tell you about them in dedicated chapters.

    How to make a book about Minecraft

    How to make a book about Minecraft

    Create a book about Minecraft it is an operation that requires just a few moments of your time, if you already have all the resources I told you about in the previous chapter.

    What you need to do is interact in a workbench and place 3 unit of Card e 1 unit of Leather. By combining these items, you will get a Book which, however, beware, you will not be able to use directly interacting on it.

    You must know, in fact, that a book created using the procedure I indicated in the previous lines, serves exclusively as a basic resource to be used in other projects, such as the creation of a library (for which they serve 3 units of Books e 6 units of Wooden Planks), or to carry out other types of projects, which I will talk about in the next chapters.

    How to make an enchanted book in Minecraft

    How to make a book about Minecraft

    If your intention is to apply enhancement bonuses to tools or weapons, the first thing you need is a Spell table: this tool allows you to either directly apply an enchantment to the object you want to enhance, or to transfer it to a book, to subsequently proceed with its application on the weapon or tool.

    Surely you are wondering what is the benefit of transferring the enhancement to a book, rather than directly to the object. The answer to this question of yours lies in the fact that, if you apply the bonus to the weapon or tool, it will not be able to accommodate new bonuses. Some tools require resources that are more difficult to find than others and, therefore, you may waste materials, considering that the bonuses are also random.

    Since, on the other hand, the books are easily fabricated, you can very well think of infusing the bonuses on the latter, and then applying them later to the objects you want to enchant, placing them in aanvil, along with the enchanted book that contains the bonus you want.

    How to make a book about Minecraft

    Regarding the manufacture of a Spell table, I suggest you consult this guide dedicated to the subject. As regards, however, theAnvil, you can read the tips I gave you in my guide on how to craft one, reachable at this link.

    To get a enchanted book, what you need to do is place one inside a Spell Table. In the right section of this tool's screen, you can select three upgrade levels, which will give a random bonus to the book.

    If you want to increase the odds of getting a better bonus, I recommend using Libraries, of which I have already told you in the course of the previous chapters: this object allows, in fact, to enhance the Table for spells, as long as it is arranged according to specific rules.

    My advice is to leave a block of space from the Spell table and surround it with 15 Library unit, taking care to leave a free space for entry into the room. This number of libraries is the maximum you can place to benefit from this configuration: a greater number of libraries, in fact, will make the chances of getting better bonuses unchanged.

    How to make a pen book in Minecraft

    How to make a book about Minecraft

    In Minecraft you have the option to craft an item named Book and pen, which allows the player to write notes, which can then also be consulted by other players, if played in online mode.

    To create the object Book and pen, what you need to do is fabricate a Book (using the procedure I explained to you in this chapter). Plus, you'll also need one Piuma it's a Ink bag: the latter can be found by defeating i squid present in the water, while the Piuma you can get it from hens.

    When you have all these resources, place them on a workbench - you'll need them to be exact 1 unit of Book, 1 unit of Feather e 1 unit of Ink Bag. Now that you have the object Book and pen, you can proceed with reading the next chapter, in which I will explain how to use it.

    How to write a book about Minecraft

    How to make a book about Minecraft

    If, thanks to the advice I gave you in the previous paragraphs, you have succeeded in creating a book with a pen, it's time to see how to use it, in order to write everything you want in its pages.

    First, move the object Book and pen in a quick slot and equip it. Now, interact on it, in order to view its main screen. You will be presented with a box through which you can write any text: if the latter is too long, you can press thearrow icon, below, to change the page.

    When you are done, you have two possible choices: block the text that you wrote, to prevent words from being added or removed, or leave it as it is, being able to modify it as many times as you wish. In the latter case, you simply have to press the key Done and, when you interact with the book again, you will enter the text editing screen.

    If you want to block the content of the book, instead, click on the button Company and enter the title you want to give the book. When you are done, press the button Sign and close, to make it uneditable. As you may have noticed, the icon of the object will be changed to one similar to the one that presents an enchanted book and, after interacting on it, you will see the text contained within it, without the possibility of modifying it.

    How to make a book about Minecraft

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