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Welcome to the Truko cash Weblog. For some, usernames in games are not overly significant. However, in the case of Among Us, one of the most well-known games on the planet in recent times, you may have to consider this name with caution, not only because it is the way that a large number of players will remember you, but because if you choose one that does not take into account the strategies of the game you could be expelled.

In fact, the names started to fill in as a methodology for the players as well. Some groups became innovative and changed their username in games to "not me", "another faker", "don't decide for me" to occupy others.

Some time ago, the game allowed to change the name extremely easily, you could even change it for each game assuming you needed it, as long as you consented to choose a name that did not exceed 10 characters, in any case, after the March update 2021, the engineers changed the cycle, even though it is still very easy to perform:

Instructions to change the name in Among Us

Assuming you don't have a registration yet, just fill in the above details and make your username interesting. The stage has no significant limitations to doing them, as long as it is not something hostile, sexual or intolerant.

Assuming that you have previously registered, you must get to the game, and find the "account" menu that is on the right of the game screen.

When you are there, you will track all the data about your client, height, weight, style of your personality and also in the base, you will have a button with the option "change name" and that is the place where you can change your username.

Assuming you don't really realize which name to pick, then, at that point, fortune has smiled on you, in light of the fact that the designers of Among Us included a similar March update to a name generator. irregular to provide you with some thought of what you need to decide for your record. The generator is located in a tab similar to the "account" tab.

This was a request that players have been waiting for quite some time, however, assuming you're just signing up to try it out and still not sure about doing your signup and client, you can still track down an option to log in as a visitor and play without giving up. your data, however you cannot alter anything else regarding your personality and will stick with a conventional name.

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