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    Best Minecraft houses


    • Preliminary information
    • Best Minecraft houses
      • Glass house or tower
      • Quick to build modern house
      • Country house

    Preliminary information

    Before explaining what the best houses for minecraft, I think you might be interested in learning more about how I intend to structure this guide.

    Well, the limit of the constructions that can be built within the Mojang title is dictated almost exclusively by one's own fantasy, since they exist myriads of elements and it is possible to add more through mods, or changes to the game created by the community.

    In short, in general my advice would be to indulge yourself and make some original structures which no one else has. However, I fully understand that it can be difficult to create houses from scratch in Minecraft.

    For the aforementioned reason, in this tutorial I will examine three very different designs, leading you to create houses that are pleasing to the eye and able to satisfy all tastes. As previously said, however, these are structures that can be easily modified, thanks to the “cubes” nature of Mojang's title.

    My invitation, therefore, is to use the houses that I will explain to you how to build how "Base" for your projects, in order to create even more pleasant structures suited to your needs. I recommend that you follow the various directions in Creative mode, so you can make mistakes without losing materials and learn which elements are needed to build the various houses.

    Best Minecraft houses

    I would say that the time has come to take action: shortly I will analyze in detail the possibilities that I believe are most valid. Among other things, the first two shouldn't take you too long, while the third is a bit more "complex", but I can assure you that the final result will be very interesting.

    Glass house or tower

    One of the most beautiful homes to look at and at the same time easiest to build, at least in Creative mode, is the glass house, which allows you to also look outside. If expanded, as I will show you, it can also become one glass tower. Clearly, you can change colors and elements which I will use with the ones you like best.

    The first thing you need to do is place it on the ground 8 x 8 blocks of polished red sandstone, which will form the floor of the first floor.

    Therefore surround the structure with gods glass blocks. The "wall" is high 3 blocks. Remember to leave 2 columns “free” at the front of the building.

    At this point, square 2 birch doors in front of the structure and place others on top of it 2 glass blocks.

    Next, enter the building and place some dark prismarine steps starting from the second block on the right, until you reach aheight of 4 blocks.

    Now, add more 3 glass blocks in height to the "wall" that surrounds the structure.

    Therefore, starting from the back of the last dark prismarine step, place gods blocks of polished red sandstone, in order to build the floor of the second floor of the structure.

    At this point, you have one easily extendable structure, which can be done indefinitely to create other floors, repeating the same procedure and simply alternating the placement of stairs, once to the right and once to the left, until it becomes practically one tower.

    If you decide to keep two floors, you can already make the roof. Take, therefore, gods Barked jungle logs e create "steps" at the top, both left and right, making them converge to the center. Just leave free 4 blocks in front e 4 blocks on the back structure.

    Once this is done, fill in the 4 blocks left free, both in front and behind, with gods white glass panels. In this way, the difference between the two materials will be noticed and will create a pleasing effect to the eye.

    Perfect, now you have successfully made yours glass house. This is a basic structure that can be modified at will in a thousand ways. For example, you might think about improving the design by using gods glass blocks of different color for the walls, perhaps alternating them according to the plan.

    Also, as I told you earlier, you might think of make multiple floors, making the structure much taller. In this case, you could also avoid making a “classic” roof, closing everything with glass blocks.

    Great, now you have all the necessary information to create this structure and you can have it many floors to furnish to your liking.

    Quick to build modern house

    How do you say? You don't have much time and would like something beautiful to see but a lot quick to build? No problem, I'll explain immediately how to quickly build a house that is modern and at the same time takes a few minutes, at least in Creative mode.

    To start, place 2 columns made of 7 polished quartz blocks and "join" them only at the top with 1 block of polished quartz.

    Now, cover all the remaining blocks with gods white glass panels.

    After that, move to the left of the structure and place 3 blocks, one above the other, of black terracotta.

    Starting from this structure, you go to create a sort of "C" and place inside some white glass panels.

    Then go to the back of the structure and "Extend" it by 5 blocks, creating a kind of upper floor. Don't forget the side wall and roof.

    Now, repeat what you did before, creating the 2 columns of polished quartz blocks and filling the "holes" with gods white glass panels.

    Next, move to the right side of the structure and place 7 polished quartz blocks, one above the other, left and right.

    Close, therefore, the structure with gods quartz blocks, creating a Wall on the right side and a roof up.

    Once that's done, close the left side as well, the lower part of the black terracotta.

    Now, surround the house with some dark oak leaves, leaving some free blocks in front of the entrance.

    Position, dunque, 2 birch doors in the blocks left free before.

    To make the structure a little more attractive, you might want to consider placing a Gravel in front of the entrance and replace the 2 terracotta blocks on the right with 2 polished quartz blocks.

    Perfect, now the outside is created. At this point, enter the structure, break the terracotta blocks that act as a "wall", leaving 1 column At bottom. Position, therefore, on the latter 3 step ladder units.

    Perfect, this way you will be able to access the second floor and furnish your modern home as you want. Obviously, even here you can indulge yourself, modifying this “basic” construction as you wish.

    Country house

    Another very interesting type of house is certainly the country house. Perhaps less modern than the structures that I explained to you how to build previously, this house is actually very beautiful to look at, as well as more "advanced" than the previous ones, since it has a design studied in detail.

    It is, in fact, a house complete with balconies, crops e enclosure for animals. In short, we are practically talking about a farm, which may take a certain amount of time to be realized. This also in case you decide to build it in Creative mode.

    In short, it is a structure that requires more attention compared to the two "rapids" that I illustrated to you in the previous chapters. In any case, if you are still interested in this design, you will find all the appropriate instructions for creating this house from scratch in my tutorial on how to build a farm in Minecraft.

    Among other things, in that guide I also provided some interesting details related to thefurnishings. In this regard, if you do not know where to start for the interiors, I invite you to consult my guide on how to furnish a house in Minecraft.

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in other designs besides those described in this tutorial, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to build a modern house in Minecraft, in which I have inserted some interesting ideas for their own home within the Mojang title.

    For the rest, since you are a fan of Minecraft, I invite you to take a trip to the page of my site dedicated to the title of Mojang, where you can find countless guides that could be for you.

    Best Minecraft houses

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