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    How to make a library in Minecraft


    • Preliminary information
    • How to make a library in Minecraft
      • Resources to be collected
      • How to build a library in Minecraft
    • How to arrange libraries on Minecraft

    Preliminary information

    A library su Minecraft it is a block that, graphically, represents a wooden shelving with books placed inside it. Sure, you can use this object to decorate your home, but in reality its purpose is quite different.

    In fact, you need to know that the libraries on Minecraft allow you to improve the spell table so that you can create better upgrades. You can understand that this is a very important object, which will guarantee you can well equip your digital avatar with enchanted weapons and armor and therefore face more difficult challenges, such as the Dragon of the End.

    That said, in the next chapters I will explain in detail what materials you will need to collect and, therefore, how to proceed with the construction of a library block, and then show you how you will have to arrange these blocks around the spell table and benefit from the improvement bonus.

    How to make a library in Minecraft

    Do you want to know how to make a library on minecraft? Then all you have to do is read the following chapters in detail.

    Resources to be collected

    The first resource you need to recover is the wood. You will have no difficulty in obtaining this material, as you just need to interact with it tree trunks with bare hands or with an ax, to obtain i Log blocks of wood.

    Once this is done, use a workbench or the slot Manufacturing inventory to generate the Wooden boards. For each Trunk unit you will get 4 units of Wooden Planks.

    In addition to wood, you will need gods Books. Generally speaking, all you have to do is insert, in a workbench, 3 unit of Card e 1 unit of Leather. This last resource you can easily obtain from horses, cows, mules, donkeys or llamas.

    As for the card, you will need them 3 units of Sugar cane in a workbench. In any case, you can refer to my tutorials on how to make paper and how to make a book on Minecraft to learn more about the topics.

    How to build a library in Minecraft

    Now that you have all the necessary materials, let's see together how to proceed for the construction of a library.

    First, interact on a workbench and, in the box that is shown to you, place first 3 units of Wooden Planks in the first horizontal row, starting from the top. Next, add 3 units of Books in the second line and conclude with 3 units of Wooden Planks in the remaining slots.

    In total, therefore, you will have to use 6 units of Wooden Planks e 3 units of Books. If you have placed all the resources correctly, you will be able to collect from the slot on the right 1 Library unit.

    I warn you that, in case you don't have the possibility or the desire to manufacture this item, but you want to get it in any case, you can also reach one of the villages scattered around the world of Minecraft and trade with a librarian, which will sell a bookcase for 9 units of Emeralds.

    How to arrange libraries on Minecraft

    As I anticipated in the introduction of this tutorial, the main purpose of a library in Minecraft is to be able to get better power-ups from the spell table.

    Obviously, it is not enough to place the blocks of the libraries at random to get this bonus, but you have to arrange them in the most efficient way to benefit from the maximum bonus. The maximum number of libraries a spell table can benefit from is 15; a larger number of these items around the table will not increase the bonus generated.

    First, place the spell table: if you haven't built one yet, you can rely on this dedicated tutorial of mine. The area on which the table and bookcases are to be placed must have a size of 5 脳 5.

    After adding the spell table to the exact center of the defined area, add to one side 5 Library unit, following the perimeter, and do the same thing on the opposite side as well. Once this is done, on one of the two remaining sides, place 3 Library unit, so as to close the third side of the area.

    Finally, on the last side of the area, place 2 Library unit, leaving a free block in the center of it, so that you can guarantee easy access to the room. Good! If you have followed my instructions to the letter, you will notice that glyphs will float from all libraries to the table, indicating that each library's bonus is active.

    If you want to know more about how to enchant objects in Minecraft, my advice is to carefully read all the tips I have provided you in the tutorial I have just linked to you.

    How to make a library in Minecraft

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