How to make an automatic pool in Minecraft

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  • Preliminary information
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  • How to build an automatic pool in Minecraft

Preliminary information

Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to make an automatic pool in minecraft, I think it is important to explain to you what is meant by this term.

With the term "automatic pool", we mean a pool that can make the water come out and disappear by pressing a simple lever: it is, therefore, an excellent aesthetic element to be placed in your space on Minecraft to show to friends what you are able to do. Let's find out how to do it right away.

How to find the materials to build an automatic swimming pool

If you want to build an automatic swimming pool in the Survival mode of Minecraft, the first thing you need to do is get the necessary materials.

In particular, you will need powder of redstone, redstone repeaters, Observer blocks, sticky pistons, quartz blocks, a bucket of water, quartz plates it's a lever for the redstone.

La redstone dust it is the essential element for creating simple or complex mechanisms, which can automate some aspects of the game. Redstone can be obtained by extracting it from rough redstone or by collecting it inside the trunks scattered around the world of Minecraft. Furthermore, the redstone repeater, which can be obtained through 3 units of stone blocks, 2 twist di redstone e 1 unit of redstone, inserted in a bank gives lavoro.

Then you will need gods sticky pistons. Unlike normal pistons, sticky ones allow you to keep the block on them "glued". A piston is made in a workbench, putting it together 4 units of crushed stone, 3 units of wooden planks, 1 iron ingot e 1 unit of redstone.

After building the piston, place it back on the workbench, along with 1 ball of slime, which is obtained by defeating slimes. THE quartz blocks they are obtained, instead, by crafting 4 Nether Quartz items, removable with a pickaxe in the Nether area. For more information on how to enter the Nether, I invite you to consult my guide on how to make the Nether portal. There quartz plate it is crafted, instead, by combining 3 quartz blocks.

To get a bucket, you must then use 3 iron ingots. You will need to create one as well leads, which will serve as a switch of the automatic swimming pool activation and deactivation mechanism. This is created in the workbench, using 1 cane e 1 units of crushed stone. To get the latter, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to make a cobblestone generator (an infinite generator of cobblestones).

How to build an automatic pool in Minecraft

Once you have gathered the right materials, I would say that you are ready to create your own automatic pool for Minecraft. In any case, if you don't want to waste too much time, you can practice building the swimming pool in Creative mode, where you already have all the materials you need available right from the start.

First, you need to find one suitable space to the construction of an automatic swimming pool. My advice is to look for an open space where there are numerous blocks of land.

Now, dig one 7 x 8 block hole and with depth equal to 5 blocks.

After that, take the redstone dust and place it in the first row at the base of the hole.

At this point, fill the rest of the hole with gods redstone repeaters.

Once this is done, place blocks Observer above each redstone repeater. I remind you that you cannot place the Observer block directly above the repeaters, but you must leave a block of distance in height.

Next, place some sticky pistons face up on top of each Observer block.

At this point, place gods quartz blocks on top of each sticky piston.

Once that is done, create a kind of ladder starting from the base of the hole (from the blocks behind where you placed the redstone dust). Dig out of 4 blocks down in the first layer, by three blocks in the second and by 2 blocks in the third.

Then cover the three holes created at the top with gods quartz blocks.

Now, place some redstone dust on the "steps" you have created.

After that, cover the last "free" line with gods quartz blocks.

Now, place one leads in the last quartz block at the top.

Once this is done, use the secchio d'acqua to completely fill the pool (you have to place the water on each side).

At this point, surround the pool with quartz plates.

Perfect, now you have successfully created your automatic pool and through the leads you can activate or deactivate it.

In case the water is not enough or you want to expand the pool, you just need to throw yourself in the water and break the blocks of land interiors surrounding the pool.

How to make an automatic pool in Minecraft

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