How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

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How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

If you want to know how to make a fishing rod in minecraft, read on: in the next chapters I will explain how to build this tool to catch fish and any other random objects that can be obtained through this activity.

How to build a fishing rod in Minecraft

build a fishing rod in minecraft you need resources that you can easily obtain by exploring the game world. First, you need the Bastone: it is a resource that you can easily obtain from woodworking.

Therefore, after interacting on a tree to get gods Logs, place them in the slot of a workbench or in the inventory processing one, to obtain the Wooden boards. Now, place 2 units of Wooden Planks in the workbench to manufacture several units of Bastone. To make a fishing rod, all you need is 3 units of Staff.

Another indispensable resource is the Lanyard. It is a very common item that you can find frequently in the world of Minecraft: in fact, you can get it by defeating spiders or some creatures of the Nether, destroying cobwebs, fishing or as a gift from cats. It is also easily found in the trunks you find during your adventures. You will only need them 2 units of Lanyard to build a fishing rod.

Now that you have all the necessary materials, insert, on a workbench, 3 units of Staff e 2 units of Lanyard. By doing so, it will be generated 1 unit of Fishing rod which you can collect from the slot on the right of the workbench screen.

I remind you that you can find the Fishing pole even during your adventures on Minecraft: specifically, you can find it inside the trunks that you find in the underwater ruins, fromfishing activity and trading with a NPC (non-player character) of the village for 6 units of Emerald. While the chance is minimal, you can also get a fishing rod by defeating the underwater zombies.

How to use a fishing rod

As I explained to you in the introduction to the guide, the main use of a Fishing pole is related tofishing activity: this means that you can catch fish that you find in a body of water (a lake, a river, a sea, a fishing farm, etc.).

To use a Fishing pole, all you have to do is approach the shore, equip the instrument in question in a quick slot, at the bottom, and interact on it looking at the body of water. By doing so, the hook will be thrown into the water. As soon as the float dives completely, it will be the signal for you to pull the line, to collect what you have caught.

In addition to this use, you can also use a fishing rod to control a pig or one strider. These creatures, in fact, can be ridden using a saddle. Unfortunately they won't follow any of your commands until you use a Stick with carrot (for the pork) or a Distorted stick and mushroom (for the strider).

To get this item, place it on a workbench 1 unit of Fishing rod e 1 unit of Carrot (you hate Distorted mushroom). When you have the item in question, interact with a saddled pig (or strider) to ride it and then equip the stick with the lure, to make the creature move in the direction you prefer.

Finally, know that you can provideenchanting a fishing rod, in order to instill bonuses that can improve some features. The spells you can apply to a fishing rod are Indestructibility, Luck of the sea, Esca, Restoration e Curse of Disappearance: all these bonuses can be applied by following the instructions I have given you in this guide of mine.

How to fix a fishing rod in Minecraft

When using a fishing rod, it is inevitable that it can wear out. The alternative is to always build new ones, as I explained to you in a previous chapter, or to have them repaired. Also, by applying the bonus Indestructibility, which I told you about in the previous chapter, you can reduce the chances of damage to this tool.

In any case, if you simply want to proceed with the repair of the fishing rod, because it is now damaged, what you have to do is insert, in a workbench, 2 damaged Fishing Pole units. By doing so, a new one will be generated Fishing pole which will have, as an integrity value, the sum of the remaining ones of the previous fishing rods, increased by 5%.

How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

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