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    Who are all the Among Us Characters

    When asked what the characters in Among Us are together, what one would ordinarily consider to be each one of the shadows of the individuals in the group, however there really are many characters within the game universe, assuming we consider varieties. of their costumes and the supposed "beasts" that are so well known in the games. creepypastas.

    Who are all the Among Us Characters

    What are the characters of Among Us together

    Known crew members:

    Red: The most well-known shading in the game, makes any guide you find yourself noticeable

    Blue: It is a solid imperial blue tone, also very well known.

    Green: Among all the shades of green, this is the most grounded, it is related to a simple character to trust.

    Pink: reflects honesty and honorability, ideal for the fraud who needs to impose himself on the group.

    Orange: Exceptionally discoverable in any room or guide.

    Yellow: one of the best known among players.

    Dark: it is not difficult to go unnoticed, it suits both the individuals in the group and the fakers.

    White: is always related to honesty, do not be fooled.

    Purple: Works well for any decoration and looks great on your pet.

    Camouflage Crewmen (Not equivalent to must-have extras, for these you will most likely have to pay to use):

    White shirt and tie: A white shirt generally works well for all occasions.

    Space Explorer: Basically the same as NASA.

    Crisis Technician - Wearing a neon vest so anyone can see him.

    Specialist: In his white coat, extremely competent.

    Wellness: An all-blue suit with a prize.

    Green suit: this is yours assuming you like the military style

    Mechanic: incorporates oil stains on the uniform and everything.

    Imposters/Monsters reviled

    Patient0: It must be one of the tests of the main investigators that arrived on the ship, it is dull green, however it seems to be unique from the others since it has a sharp tooth that is constantly seen and its visor is yellow.

    Ivan: A dark beast with a single eye and numerous teeth, he is not the easy case to muster to get noticed.

    Executioner: This is undoubtedly one of the most puzzling because it is larger than the other individuals in the group, however a piece of its skeleton is apparent and is stained all the time with blood.

    Unknown: A cyan-colored character with arms, he seems to be honest, but they say he's also alarming.

    Divine beings/Goddesses of the game

    Luminx - Said to be the goddess of the party, she can be found here and there in space mid-game.

    Luminx: He is known as the mascot of Luminx, so he is also related to the divinities of the game.

    Particle: divine force of obliteration, a beast with many hooks and teeth that assaults ships.

    Cr0no: God of fraud who travels through time, does not have a positive form, but resembles a dark opening.

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