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    White shadow

    White shadow from Genshin Impact. An extremely strong 4-star greatsword that will deal a lot of damage when in the right hands. It is a weapon with a base assault of 42 that goes up to 510, similar to others that we have actually seen before.

    The metalworker who assembled it constantly worked to make the ideal incredible sword, committing himself body and soul to fashioning this weapon even though he did not consider himself to be exceptionally talented. He did everything remembering his beloved, he contemplated if she could use that sword assuming that at some point he would safely see her again, however when the extraordinary day appeared, the metallurgist went to meet him and understood that his fighter had left the sword. defensive layer and could never require another weapon,

    How to get the White Shadow?

    You can craft this greatsword by having the Northern Greatsword Prototype, Crystal Shards, and White Iron Shards.

    The model can be obtained by killing the boss of the week, finishing the "Break the Mark of the Graveyard of Swords" side quest in Mondstadt, or by purchasing it from the Liyue Harbor Souvenir Shop.

    What are the impacts of Sombra Blanca?

    Using the white shadow hit "Infusion Edge", the attack and defense are increased by 6% for 6 seconds and can be collected up to multiple times (that is, 24% in total). This impact can be executed once every 0,5 seconds after launching a normal attack or charged attack.

    At refinement level 5, it is increased by 12%, for multiple similar times it is allowed to be picked up. So that would be a total of 48% during those 6 seconds.

    It also has a safeguard reward that at the main levels is 11,3% and can reach up to 51,7%.

    The best characters to use the White Shadow

    For characters like Noelle who need to be on their guard, this sword is ideal for its ranged impact that extends the ward and assault. As you advance the weapon, its protection rating will also increase dramatically.

    Materials to craft the White Shadow

    A weapon like this needs a specific rare consideration, and on top of that, certain rare materials to reach its raises. This is what you really want for the not many early levels: Guyun's Bright Sand, Agent's Dagger, and the Bronze Raven Badge.

    By the time you're reaching the higher levels, you'll need Guyun's Divine Body, the Inspector's Long Dagger, and the Golden Crow Badge.

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