How to Remove the Black Screen from Among Us

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There is nothing more irritating than playing your cherished online game with your comrades and deep into the best match, the game crashes and abruptly, freezes or more terrible, crashes and wins you lose all progress. That is generally what has been happening to some Among Us players that with almost no clarification the game freezes and only shows a black screen until they finally have to physically close it.

Normally this error appears on Android and Windows gadgets shortly after the update in which the quick chat has been made, or possibly that is where the players report it the most. In any case, to know how to eliminate the dark screen of Among Us, you must first see what influences it, to solve it conclusively.

Why does the screen go dark?

There are a few potential causes:

You are using hacks/mods and this is how it is causing an error that the game tries to know how to fix or report.

You are associated to your Steam account from a gadget that does not meet the basic needs of the game.

You get the error message "Among Us - Unity 2019.4.9f1_50fe8a171dd9 "when trying to launch the game.

Your antivirus tries to prevent the application from starting.

It is usually a basic laziness.

In the event that the screen is dark, but in any case the sound of the game can be heard, it is a meta screen problem.

3 Ways: How to Remove Among Us Black Screen

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The first thing you can try is from your PC or phone where you are playing, is to close any remaining applications that you have open.

Try to play only using organization Wi-Fi and try to get closer to the modem to get a decent web signal.

Play a game nearby or in free mode, the game does not bombard you? then, at that moment, the problem is related to your website.

Stay up to date with the latest, engineers fix a lot of bugs in every update.

Fix 2 (medium level)

Check that your antivirus/firewall is not obstructing the game. Enter your antivirus and make an exemption for the Between Us application, so that you do not try to close it every time you try to make an evaluation.

Make sure the game objective is the right one for your screen type (this only happens on PC). Right hook the game symbol, properties, use the suggested goal.

Layout 3 (progressed)

It is regularly prescribed not to involve hacks/mods for quite some time in the game on the grounds that the engineers will recognize it and try to remove it, so try crippling it or even going back to the first application to see if that was the mistake.

Assuming that the message appears Among Us - Unity 2019.4.9f1_50fe8a171dd9 on the pc, enter the NVIDIA control board to deal with the 3D settings, in the segment "Select a program to adjust", choose Among Us at last, enact the choice of the most extreme FPS break point or "Max Contour Rate"

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