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    How to Remove Quick Chat in Among Us

    A decent Among Us player realizes that the achievement of the game, regardless of being a part of the group or a fraud, is having time to lean on one another. In fact, lying is a decent methodology, however, being quick encourages success. Considering that, the InnerSloth engineers have made the quick visit.

    The quick visit makes correspondence easier and safer, especially for mobile players, since this wheel shows the most common options that would be used to talk: report, group individuals, frames, area, explanation, questions, answers, which will speed up the game more.

    So for what reason would anyone track down how to remove quick visit from Among Us? all considered, in light of the fact that it has a drawback and that it will be that it was done equally for underage players and people who play as visitors (i.e. individuals who do not have a registration) as an action to keep them to speak openly and to be visited by pernicious visitors.

    Step-by-step instructions to remove quick chat from Among Us

    At the moment when you are in the super game screen, find the symbol of things, that is, the configuration menu.

    In it, click "Information" or "information" and at the top right of the submenus.

    There you will find the option "type of visit" assuming that you see that the main one is the quick chat, choose the option of quick or free visit.

    Assuming you are of legal age, you will have no problem deactivating it, however, if you are a minor and do not have a registration, then, at that time, this configuration will not work.

    The impact will be found in the next game you play and will remain so in each of the games ahead, whether in the equivalent or in an alternative room.

    There are people who say that after this update it is easier to broadcast in the game and identify the fakes, as there are other people who basically do not fit the new methodology and proceed with the ordinary visit even though it is somewhat more tedious. of using. . For both there is the option to use it or not.

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