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    How to make a shield in Minecraft


    Gather the necessary resources

    How to make a shield in Minecraft

    Before we start talking to you about like make a shield su Minecraft, it is important to point out the resources needed to carry out this project.

    One shield on Minecraft consists of wood and iron. To recover these resources, you will first need to equip yourself with the necessary tools: aax for timber and a pickaxe for the iron veins. Actually, the ax is not essential, because you can collect wood from trees as well mani nude, but I recommend that you use this tool to speed up the collection.

    To build aax, you need to place 2 units of sticks e 3 wooden boards or other materials that allow you to make this instrument with a superior quality. An example is the pietrisk for the stone ax or thegold for the golden one.

    How to make a shield in Minecraft

    Having obtained this tool, you will need to equip it and interact on a tree, to collect the wooden logs. the latter must then be inserted into one of the slots Manufacturing inventory or in a bank gives lavoro, to convert them to wooden boards, essential resource for the creation of a shield.

    Finally, as a last resort, you need to get some iron ingots. Although the latter can be found as a prize in the breakage scattered around the world of Minecraft, it is easier to collect the raw iron to work then in one furnace. But let's go in order.

    How to make a shield in Minecraft

    First, you need it un stone pickaxe or higher quality. To build one in stone, you need them 2 units of sticks e 3 of pietrisk, to be placed inside a bank gives lavoro. Obtained the pickaxe, explore the underground of Minecraft, to stumble upon the veins of raw iron, on which you will have to use the newly created tool. The raw iron thus obtained, it must then be inserted inside a furnace to convert it to iron ingots.

    Create a shield

    How to make a shield in Minecraft

    Now that you are aware of all the resources needed to craft one shield on Minecraft, it's time to start making this project. First, make sure you have inventory 6 units of wooden boards e un iron ingot.

    At this point, interact on a bank gives lavoro and place these resources inside it, as indicated by the diagram available in the section Recipes. You can also click on the icon shield, among the feasible projects in the list, to automatically load the resources present in the inventory into the workbench.

    Now, all that remains is to drag the shield icon from the workbench to the inventory and then equip it in the appropriate slot dedicated to the shield. It was easy, am I right?

    Coloring a shield

    How to make a shield in Minecraft

    In case you are interested in customizing yours shield with a different color, you can use the banners. These objects can be painted in various colors and with different textures and are mainly used as decorative elements.

    First, let's start with the procedure for making one standard. To do this, you need them un stick e 6 units of lana. In case you don't know how to get wool in Minecraft, I have told you in detail about this topic in my guide on how to make a bed.

    If you wanted to create a banner with a color a solid color, you can use the colored wool. If you want to add a texture, however, you will need to apply some to the manufactured banner dyes. the latter are available in nature, through the processing of specific resources: for example the red you get it from red tulips, while the yellow dai sunflowers.

    When you have the dye, place it standard in bank gives lavoro and add several units of dye: I recommend that you delight in placing the banner and dye units in different slots, so that you can see the numerous colored textures resulting from the crafting process.

    For example, if you wanted to create a texture consisting of red vertical stripes on a white background, place it white banner in the slot in the middle of the bottom row and add, then, 4 units of red dye on the first and third slots of the top and middle row.

    How to make a shield in Minecraft

    You can also create actual symbols on banners, such as the pirate skull. You will need to get one head from the skeletons found in the fortresses of the Nether. At this point, you will need to place it standard on the middle slot of the bottom row, the skull on the first slot of the middle row e a unit of dye on the slot in the center.

    How to make a shield in Minecraft

    Once you've found the combination you like best, pick it up standard you got and place it back in bank gives lavoro, this time together with the shield. By doing so, the banner texture will be applied to the shield.

    How to make a shield in Minecraft

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