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    How will I buy Minecraft for PC


    Preliminary information

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    The first thing gives me the benefit in chiaro for fare an acquisto corretto di Minecraft governs the resistance of the different versions of the gioco. Probably fencing your Internet te ne sarai accorto, Minecraft per PC si differenzia in Minecraft (Java), Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft: Dungeons, Minecraft Earth e Minecraft Education Edition.

    Ti dico subito that it is possible to fare a cernita after this version and ridicule due to the “classiche” version of the gioco: Minecraft (Java) e Minecraft for Windows 10. Gli altri giochi si limited to fornire modalità differenti da quella classica, per esempio Minecraft Earth è a gioco in Realtà Increases available on your Google Play and App Store dove if you create a virtual world, inquiring scenes of the real world, even in collaboration with altri giocatori. Te ne ho parlato più in detail in a dedicated tutorial of mine.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    For Minecraft Education Edition, if you deal with an interactive and free instrument in the form of video, identical for alcuni aspetti al gioco tradizionale ma strutturato in maniera tale da agevolare insegnanti e alunni nella creazione di programmi per l'apprendimento di specifiche lezioni di matematica, scienza, history e arte . This version of Minecraft può essere giocata creating new lezioni, oppure giocandone altre già create and share the Web. With the experience of learning available I saw so much that I gave an introduction to coding.

    Finally, Minecraft: Dungeons, è a new gioco della celebre “cubotic” series Targata Mojang, ma non ancora rilasciato at the moment in cui scrivo questa guide. Characteristics of this edition that does not occur in any modality of creation and it will encourage its exploration of the map progressively generate in a casual way gives an algorithm, it will explore in single or in group in multiplayer modality. In practice, it will be a version exclusively concentrated in the modality of the game and the exploration, it will provide a completely new graphic engine and it will be available not only for Windows PC but also for PS4, Xbox one and Nintendo Switch.

    Speaking invece delle versioni di Minecraft che offrono l'esperienza tradizionale di gioco, ti spiegherò adesso quali differenze ci sono tra Minecraft for Windows 10 and the version Minecraft Java Edition. Method subito in chiaro però when acquiring the one or the higher version avrai access to the Minecraft experience that is enclosing, that the characterization of the exploration, the material and the costruzioni raccolta. Not important, it is important that you know how to differentiate this by describing a version of the story.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    La prima differenza fondamentale è che giocando l'edizione Java no puoi incontrare giocatori dell'edizione Windows 10 and di altre piattaforme, mentre giocando quest'ultima versione, pur non potendo giocare insieme ai possessori della Java Edition, puoi fare partite cross-play with chi gioca alla stessa edition of the title on your PC, make your console and mobile device available. What difference is it particularly important to be vuoi giocare in multiplayer: scegli bene quale edizione buy, even considering what possiedono i tuoi amici!

    About the against, it is important to modify the content of the text to enter or modify the content and modality, and it is important to know that the version will be supported. In fact, the Javanese edition includes a number maggiore di mod, essendo uscita da più tempo. The mod sounded an other important aspect of valutare perché contributing to the passion and keeping the community of Minecraft giocatori active. It sounds like one of the motivations for the success of this gioco, who I invite to ad approfondire l'argomento scoprendo le migliori rilasciate dalle menti più creative del gioco.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    Other notable differences between the two versions is the controller support della versione Windows 10, invece assente nella Java Edition, and a control system genitori dei contenuti superior in Windows 10 version, proper grazie all'implementazione del servizio Xbox Live. By the way, do you know how to giocare online with the Windows 10 edition? Do I need an Xbox Live account? È own come accade per la versione mobile del gioco.

    One last accortezza that I think is important to first premium that I will buy one or the other version of Minecraft and that I will consider the hardware request of the gioco. Devi sapere, infatti, che the Javanese version è un po 'più "heavy" gives far girare; l'edizione Windows 10 è invece ottimizzata per essere giocabile anche your PC di bassa fascia. From the point of view of the graphic quality, the edition is substantially similar and the difference in performance is intended to be balanced with the aggiornamenti attesi per l'edizione Windows 10.

    Dove will buy Minecraft per PC

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    Having clarified the different versions of Minecraft that can be purchased, now I need to explain to you I will buy Minecraft per PC. At the end of the assurance of an authentic and non-contraffatta copy, I will avoid the acquisition of the improvvised rivenditori and "non ufficiali", according to Minecraft is exclusively distributed through due channel: Microsoft Store e Minecraft Store.

    I imagine that I do not see the proceeding for the acquistare il gioco ufficiale da questi canali affidabili 100%. Bene, it is not for you that I will continue in the letter of the chapter of the guide, dove scendo in the detail of the versioni acquistabili and its like scaricarli and install on your PC.

    Microsoft Store

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    Scegliendo di acquistare your copy of Minecraft directly from it Microsoft Store, the cousin passaggio che devi effettuare è quello di collegarti alla sezione dedicated to Minecraft for Windows 10, Beginner Raccolta Minecraft Windows 10 oppure Minecraft for Windows 10 Master Collection by visiting the link that you ho appena fornito and accessing the aprire the store. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Microsoft Store, process your icon (il shopping bag) present on the bar of the applicazioni, and close to a delle edizioni of the gioco all'interno di quest'ultimo (process the search bar collocata in high to back).

    The list of the Minecraft version for Windows 10 depends mainly on the content of the content: Minecraft for Windows 10 include only content and base and coast 26,99 €; acquiring the Raccolta beginner Minecraft Windows 10 a 29,99 € avrai access to the base gioco and ai content of the beginner pacchetto (Greek Mythology Mash-up, Plastic Texture Pack, Skin Pack 1, and Villains Skin Pack e 700 Minecoins da spendere all'interno del gioco marketplace); choosing invece per la versione Minecraft for Windows 10 Master Collection, available at the price of 49,99 €, you'll get the base game, all the content already included in the cheaper version plus six community creations from the Creators Pack and well 1.000 Minecoins to spend on the purchase of additional digital content.

    Whichever edition you prefer, to purchase it, you must first click on the blue button Buy Now and then carry out thelog into your Microsoft account inserting email address e Password. If you don't have one yet, don't worry! I have a guide ready for you to proceed with creating a Microsoft account.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    Once logged in, the page is updated to show you the actual purchase procedure where the first step is to choose the payment method. To do this, click on the blue button NEXT, or on the writing It starts now! Add a payment method and then choose from the items Credit or debit card, PayPal or Riscatta a gift voucher. The last option is the one to choose if you've bought or received Microsoft store credit and want to use it to purchase Minecraft.

    Alternatively, proceed with the payment by card or PayPal. In this regard, you may find my guide dedicated to PayPal useful, from creating and using the service.

    Proceed, therefore, by entering all the information required for payment and when you are finished, click on the button Save and confirm the data entered to complete the purchase. By doing so, the "Buy" button will be replaced by the one that says Install: Click on it to start the Minecraft download and installation. Wait for the procedure and, to start playing, click again on the same blue button that now reads Play or select the Minecraft icon from Start menu of Windows.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    Then wait for the upload, click on the gray button Play, select Create new and choose between Create new mondo, if you intend to create your own game map, or on one of the many models already unlocked listed.

    In the case of creating a new world, you will need to set your preferences, such as making the map suitable for multiplayer or solo play, enter Add-on, set the Default game mode and difficulties. For more information, I invite you to check out my tutorial on how to play Minecraft.

    Did you know that in Minecraft you can do the most incredible and unlikely things? For example, you can learn how to tame a dolphin, but you can also learn to fly, or if you suffer from vertigo you may prefer to learn how to create an unforgettable party with fireworks. These and many other possibilities await you.

    I remind you that after you have successfully downloaded and installed the version of Minecraft for Windows 10, the purchase will remain linked to your Microsoft account, thus making it possible to download the game even in case of uninstallation. I recommend that you always remember your account and your password so that you won't have any problems logging in in the future!

    Minecraft Store

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    Another online store that sells Minecraft is the game's official website. If you choose this channel, you will have the possibility to buy Minecraft Java Edition e Minecraft for Windows 10, in addition to the alternate series games that I have already explained to you before.

    Without delaying any further, start the purchase procedure by connecting to the official page via the link I provided. Once the home page is open, click on the button Get Minecraft.

    At the new screen you have to answer the question "How do you want to play?" selecting the first icon with written computer. On this page you can also take a look at the comparison mirror of the features of the different versions of the game by clicking on Compare platforms and features. Then continue with the purchase procedure by clicking on the logo of Windows PC, to display the choice between Minecraft Java Edition e Minecraft for Windows 10.

    The purchase procedure that I will describe is valid for the Java edition, because if you want to buy the one for Windows 10, all you have to do is click on the relative image, select a version from the Starter Collection and Master Collection, then clicking on the green button Buy Now to be sent back to dedicated page on the Microsoft Store. At this point, just follow the procedure that I have already explained to you in the previous chapter.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    With regard to the Java Edition, you can buy it by clicking on thecorresponding image and then pressing the button Achieve Minecraft. On the next step, click the green button Continue and thus begins the registration procedure.

    Registering on the Minecraft site is very easy, in fact you just need to enter email address, Password and date of birth, then press the green button Continue. Next, you have to consult the e-mail box you entered, to see the registration confirmation message. This message contains a verification code, which you must write in the space provided on the Minecraft website to validate your account and then log in with your data.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    Once logged in, you will be presented with the screen dedicated to choosing the Minecraft profile and payment method. The selectable methods are Credit cards, PayPal, PaySafeCard, JBC e Redeem Code. By clicking on the item Other payment methods you can choose too Diners, UnionPay e Discover.

    Once you have chosen the method you prefer and after entering all the required information, proceed by clicking on the green button that says Shop by [price]. The next screen is the summary screen, where you simply have to check the information entered and click on pulse of confirmation.

    Doing so will display the button Download, click on it to download the game installation file (eg. MinecraftInstaller.msi). At the end of the download, open the file just obtained by double clicking on it, and complete the setup by clicking in sequence on the buttons Next (twice in a row), install e Finish.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    At this point, the game will automatically check for updates to download and install them. Once this is done, everything is ready to play Minecraft! Then log in to your account by entering theemail address Password and clicking the green button Log in.

    From the Minecraft Laucher that is proposed to you, you can immediately view, in the left column, the version of Minecraft you bought: click on it and click on the green button Play, located at the bottom, to start the game.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

    You are finally ready to begin your adventure in the world of Minecraft! I bet you are now looking for useful tips on how to play to understand the basic mechanics of the mining and crafting game. I have for you many important tips on multiplayer gaming and how to create a personal game server for free.

    For more information, do not hesitate to consult the page of my site with all the guides dedicated to the Mojang title.

    How will I buy Minecraft for PC

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