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Preliminary information

Before starting to explain yourself how to make a secret base in minecraft, it is important to explain to you what this project will consist of and indicate what tools and resources you need to achieve this goal. First of all, you must know that a secret base is such if you can conceal it well with the environment and circumstances.

In general, you can achieve this if you place your base underground, as it will not be visible to anyone. For this reason, the tool you will need is the Pickaxe. With the latter you can dig easily and, depending on the material it is made of, more or less quickly.

To build a Pickaxe insert, in a workbench, 2 units of Staff e 3 unit of a specific material: The lowest grade pickaxe is made of wood, so you will need to add 3 units of Wooden Planks; the most powerful is in diamonds, so you will need them 3 units of Diamonds.

The pickaxes you can build are those of wood, Stone, iron, gold e diamonds. Depending on the resources you have, you can craft the pickaxe of your choice. Just know that the best materials allow you to both dig faster and delay the wear and tear of the pickaxe.

That said, another tool you need is the Torch: This is essential to illuminate the tunnels you dig underground and prevent hostile creatures from popping out. In this regard, what I advise you to do is to carefully read my guide on how to make torches in Minecraft.

Finally, you will need blocks of the material you want to use to set up the ceiling, floors and walls of the tunnels and shelter. You can use any material you like, such as Wooden boards, the Bricks or the Concrete, just to give you some examples.

Finally, as regards the furnishing of the secret base, I refer you to what I will show you in the next chapter, where I will talk to you both about how to build your shelter, and how to decorate it by placing all the tools you need.

How to build a secret base in Minecraft

To begin with build a secret base on Minecraft it is important to identify the place where to build it. Surely an underground project is ideal compared to a building in plain sight. Therefore, you can decide to build a base anywhere underground or by digging into the slopes of a mountain.

Regardless of where you decide to build your secret base, it is important to make sure that access to it is well concealed. For this reason, you can build a secret passage that can hide the access to your shelter well, blending it with the rest of the surrounding environment.

For this reason, my advice is to carefully read what I have explained to you in detail in my guide on how to make a secret passage in Minecraft, in which I have explained to you how to build a hidden and completely invisible access to the eyes of other users. Alternatively, you can also read the information I gave you in my guide on how to make a secret door in Minecraft.

Now that you've identified the location for your secret base and built a secret passage, it's time to build the base. First, from the login you made, dig with a pickaxe un tunnel who will have to reach the place where to build the first room of your shelter. Use torches to make sure you light the areas you dig well and prevent hostile creatures from appearing.

At this point, the next thing you need to do is carve out a room of the size you prefer, so that you can have all the space you need to add the tools you need. Don't worry if you build a small room initially, as you can always dig new tunnels and new rooms.

The important thing, in this phase, is to dig the room at least one more block, both in height and in width and in length, as in this way you can cover the room with the blocks of your choice. For example, you can add brick or wood blocks. The choice of how you want to decorate the room is yours alone.

One piece of advice I give you, to save space (even if you don't miss that in the basement), is to light up the room using blocks of Brightness. These are very useful in place of flashlights and offer ample brightness if you distribute them on the ceiling. You can also replace them with Redstone lanterns: find all the details in my guide dedicated to the topic.

Now that you've made the first room of your secret base, you can start furnishing it. The first item you need to immediately place inside your shelter is a bed. The latter is crucial if you want to set a respawn point in the unfortunate event that your avatar should lose all health points.

At this point, you can also continue by installing all the other tools necessary for your shelter, such as the trunks, the workbench, the furnaces, the anvils and any other tools that may be of benefit to your activities in Minecraft. In this regard, I want to recommend reading my guide on how to furnish a house in Minecraft, in which you will find several ideas on how to succeed in this undertaking without difficulty and without you being able to forget some essential tool.

In case you want to add new rooms, perhaps to create animal enclosures or gardens to cultivate, all you have to do is continue digging tunnels and obtaining new rooms. What I recommend is to temporarily place torches while you dig, to illuminate the areas and ward off the presence of hostile creatures.

How to make a secret base in Minecraft

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