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    How to tame a wolf in Minecraft


    • Preliminary information
    • How to tame a wolf in Minecraft
      • Resources needed
      • Taming a wolf
      • Control the wolf

    Preliminary information

    Before explaining in detail the operations to be performed to tame a wolf in Minecraft, let me give you some information about this procedure that will surely be useful to you. First of all, you need to know that wolves are only present in biomes Forest e Taiga, with a clear predominance of the latter.

    Furthermore, as already mentioned, you must remember that wolves are generally neutral and not frightened by the player. However, they react violently when hit and, in the same way, they become aggressive in the presence of sheep, skeletons or other hostile monsters.

    If a wolf is attacked by a player, the other wolves that make up the pack also become hostile: so be careful not to accidentally find yourself in the midst of an unexpected collective hunting action!

    How to tame a wolf in Minecraft

    Now that you know the basics of wolf behavior, you are ready to learn how to tame a wolf in minecraft. By reading the next few chapters, you will not only understand how to do this easily, but you will also learn some useful tricks to make your new faithful friend a very important gaming ally. Let's begin!

    Resources needed

    Since the wolf is a wild animal, you will need some small incentive to convince him to follow you and build a friendship with you. Fortunately, in the world of Minecraft, this creature tends to trust the player rather quickly, as long as it has the right resources with it.

    So, be aware that to tame a wolf you will need a few units of Osso. While it is theoretically possible that you will be able to tame the wolf using a single Bone, I recommend that you get 9 units of Bone, so that you can be sure of succeeding in your intent. In fact, to tame a wolf, you don't need anything other than this.

    Bone units can be obtained by defeating the Skeletons present at night or in caves. If you don't feel like taking on these creatures, you can wait for the sun at dawn to burn the monsters on the surface of the world: with a very good chance, some Skeletons will have been incinerated and released their bones on the ground.

    Taming a wolf

    Now that you have the Bone units you need to tame the wolf, here's how to get there with ease. Exploring the world in a biome suitable for the wolf, therefore in a biome Forest or, even better, Taiga you have a very good chance of running into a pack of multiple wolves. In addition to their howling, you can recognize these animals thanks to their gray fur and canine shape.

    Equip, therefore, at least 3 units of Bone (although I recommend 9, just to be safe) and get close to the wolf you want to tame. Interact with it through the right key of the mouse, in order to give him a unit of Bone. As you can see, the wolf will like and gladly accept this type of gift.

    Keep interacting with the wolf by donating more units of Bone to it, until you notice hearts forming above the creature and a change in its appearance: a red collar and sitting position they will show you that the wolf is finally domesticated. You will then be able to command your new friend to get up or Sit interacting with it through the right key mouse.

    Control the wolf

    Now that the wolf is tamed, its default behavior is to follow you and protect you from monsters or aggression. Remember that a wolf in a sitting position does not follow the player and remains in the aforementioned position until further notice. If, therefore, you intend to make a dangerous journey and fear for his safety, leave him sitting in your shelter awaiting your return.

    If you want, you can create a special one Leash and use it on your tame wolf. By tying the wolf to a fence, you can make sure that it does not follow you and does not defend you from attacks, remaining safe and protected from any unexpected damage. To find out how to build the Leash, you can read my specific guide.

    In case your wolf takes damage, though, know that you can cure it and allow him to recover hearts simply by feeding him. The wolf, in Minecraft, is an animal that really eats everything: raw, cooked or spoiled food will make your wolf recover precious life points. Easy, isn't it?

    How to tame a wolf in Minecraft

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