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    How to make a leash in Minecraft


    • What is a leash for in Minecraft
    • How to make a leash in Minecraft
    • How to use a leash on Minecraft

    What is a leash for in Minecraft

    Il Leash is a tool present in the world of Minecraft that has the purpose of keeping other creatures linked to their avatar or objects. Often this tool is useful if you want to bring wild or non-domesticated animals to your shelter, perhaps inside an enclosure, to prevent them from moving away or being attacked by hostile creatures.

    There are many animals to which you can put a leash and lead them wherever your avatar goes: in detail, you can apply it on parrots, ocelots, muli, mooshroom, lama, golem, horses, volpi, donkeys, Dolphins, cows, hens, cats, api, pigs, bears polar, rabbits, sheep e wolves.

    That said, if you want to know how to make a leash and how to best use it during your play sessions on Minecraft, I recommend that you read the following chapters.

    How to make a leash in Minecraft

    Il Leash it's an item that can generally be crafted in a workbench but, if you're lucky, you may also have the option of obtaining it in other ways. How? Now I'll explain everything in detail.

    As you venture into the world of Minecraft, you have a chance to stumble upon Mansions, of the places you find in some specific biomes, such as Dark Forests, inhabited by hostile creatures. Have you never had the opportunity to visit such a place? Do not worry! My advice is to read carefully what I indicated in my guide on how to find the Mansion on Minecraft.

    Within the Mansions, you may have the opportunity to find caskets, within which you can have a fair chance of finding leashes ready to be used on the other creatures that populate the world of Minecraft.

    Alternatively, you can easily get leashes from Wandering Merchants: These are NPCs, i.e. non-player characters, who appear from time to time near your avatar, accompanied by llamas.

    You can trade with these merchants to get items that are useful for your adventures. To get leashes from wandering merchants, all you have to do is manage to get the merchant away from his blade (which he keeps tied to him), so that a leash is generated on the ground to collect. Alternatively, you can defeat the merchant or the llama to get the leash.

    If you want, however, to make things easier, you can also think about making a leash with some materials available in the world of Minecraft. It may not be easy to obtain them, but I am sure that with my indications you will not have any problems in this regard.

    You need to know, first of all, that a leash can be made using the Lanyard and Slime ball. While there Lanyard can be found inside the chests you find in your adventures in the world of Minecraft or by destroying the cobwebs, the Slime ball you can get it by defeating the Slime, of the gelatinous creatures that live in the swamps.

    When you have everything you need that I have indicated, all you have to do is place, in a workbench, 4 units of Lanyard e 1 unit of Slime Ball, so you get, in the slot alongside 2 units of Leash.

    How to use a leash on Minecraft

    After you have obtained a leash, thanks to the advice I gave you in the previous chapters, what you need to do is equip it, to start using it. The first thing to do, therefore, is to open theInventory and drag the leash in one of the quick slots not busy.

    At this point, you can easily use a leash: approach the creature you want to apply it to (make sure it's one of the ones I listed in the introductory chapter) and interact on it with this equipped item.

    What you will see is a lasso that will keep your avatar and the creature connected: the latter will go in the same direction your avatar will go, following you. By doing so, you can take it to the place you want, such as your shelter or the enclosure you have set up for the occasion.

    If you no longer want to "walk" the creature you put on a leash, you have two options: interact with it to remove the link, so as to leave it free, or tie the lasso to a fence.

    Regarding the latter solution, all you have to do is interact with the leash on a fence, so that it creates a knot, demonstrating that the connection has taken place. To free the creature, all you have to do is interact on the node itself. Easy, right?

    How to make a leash in Minecraft

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