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    How to make a fishing farm in Minecraft

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    • Collect the necessary materials
    • Come and farm fish on Minecraft
    • How to do auto fishing farm in Minecraft
    • Mod to automatically fish in Minecraft

    Collect the necessary materials

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to make a fishing farm in minecraft, I think you might be interested in learning more about the materials needed to make this construction.

    Well, to build a fishing farm you need the following materials: quartz blocks, trunks, hoppers, tripping wire hooks, a lanyard, a iron hatch, an sound block, redstone dust, quartz plates, an secchio d'acqua e fishing rods.

    The latter are probably the most difficult element to obtain. To create them, you need to use 3 sticks e 2 cords. To create the sticks, you just have to enter 2 units of wooden planks in a bank gives lavoro, While the cords can be obtained by defeating the spiders present within the game world.

    For more details, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to make a fishing rod in Minecraft. For the rest, if you just can't find some material, I recommend using the Minesearch website, which allows you to access all the relevant information to build any element present in Minecraft.

    To use this tool, just type the name of the object you need in the search bar at the top and select the outcome most relevant. Next, you just have to write down the combination to create the object that appears on the screen and reproduce it within Minecraft.

    Come and farm fish on Minecraft

    La fishing farm is a structure that allows you to fish very quickly. Below you will find all the necessary instructions to build it on Minecraft.

    To get started, create one 7 base x 7 using gods quartz blocks.

    Dopodich茅, position 2 trunks on the left side.

    Then square 2 hoppers to the right of the trunks. Remember that the two hoppers must be connected to each other and that the one in front must lead to the trunks. In some versions of Minecraft, you may need to use support blocks to do this construction correctly.

    At this point, place gods quartz blocks to the sides of the furthest hopper. You may need to use support blocks to make this structure.

    Once this is done, piazza dei tripping wire hooks right and left at the top and join them using one lanyard.

    Then move to the back of the structure and extend the right part with 2 quartz blocks. After that, place one iron hatch right and a sound block to the left.

    Now, place some quartz plates above the iron trap door and the sound block.

    Successively, piazza 1 unit of redstone dust in the block adjacent to the iron hatch.

    Once this is done, go back in front of the structure and piazza delle quartz plates in front of and above the first hopper. You may need to use support blocks to do this.

    At this point, use a secchio d'acqua in the block left free in the center. Perfect, you have now successfully built your fishing farm.

    To use it, all you have to do is grab one fishing pole, position yourself on the lowest quartz plate and continuously use theamo (eg right click of the mouse on PC), pointing to iron hatch.

    Great, now you will see that in a few seconds you will be able to get many fish, which you will find directly inside the trunks that you placed on the left.

    I mean, now you have one endless fishing farm: all you have to do is just keep pressing a key.

    How to do auto fishing farm in Minecraft

    How do you say? Would you like to leave your character fishing in Minecraft without even having to press a button? No problem, I'll tell you how to do it right away.

    Well, the structure that I showed you in the chapter on how to make the fishing farm on Minecraft is already excellent. In fact, as you've seen, all you have to do is keep pressing a single key. However, in some cases it would be useful to simply leave your character to fish while doing something else.

    For this reason, the gamer community has created a special program called Fishing, able to automatically simulate pressing the right mouse button on Minecraft. This means that, by combining this program with the structure I illustrated above, you can leave your character to fish even in your absence.

    However, the Fishing program only works on Windows and onJava edition of Minecraft. If you have this version, simply connect to the Xisumavoid website, scroll the page and press on the orange writing Download Here.

    At this point, the file will be downloaded fishing.exe. All you need to do is start Minecraft in window mode (by pressing the button F11 keypad) and open the fillet just got it. Then, stand in front of the fishing farm that you created earlier, do click destroy to fish and press the button F10 keyboard. In this way, you will see that your character will continue to fish automatically.

    To pause the Fishing program, just press F9. Once you have finished playing Minecraft, I recommend that you close the program Fishing acting onWindows notification area (bottom right of the screen), where you should find an icon with a 'H'. Perfect, now you have learned how to automatically fish in Minecraft.

    Mod to automatically fish in Minecraft

    If the possibilities described above are not for you, you can take a look at the called mod Auto Fish Mod: the latter allows you to fish very quickly, without even having to build a fishing farm.

    Assuming that the mod in question only works inJava edition of the Mojang title, you should also know that the latest version supported by the latter is the 1.12.2, which is also one of the most popular among the lovers of the Minecraft mod world.

    To download the mod, you simply need to connect to the 9Minecraft website, press the button Download from Server 1, which is located next to the writing relating to Minecraft version in your possession, and press the blue button DOWNLOAD, which appears on the screen.

    A file called Auto-Fish-Mod- [version] .jar: you just have to move / copy it nella cartella delle mod di Minecraft. its Windows, il percorso da I will follow 猫 C: Users [nome utente] AppDataRoaming.minecraftmodswhile on MacOS~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / mods.

    In some cases, configuring the profile can be of paramount importance Forge, given that the latter may be necessary for the correct functioning of the mod. To proceed, go to the official Forge website and click on the item Installer. If you are looking for Forge for a "dated" version of Minecraft (such as 1.12.2), you have to press the button Show all Version.

    Once the download is complete, to install Forge, just launch the file forge- [versione] -installer.jar obtained, select the item Install Client and press OK. Perfect, you've finished setting up the Forge profile.

    After that, to start using the mod, you just need to select the profile forge through theicona della freccia verse il basso present on the left, next to the button PLAYS, on the main screen of the Minecraft launcher.

    Once in the game, possibly in mode Creative, all you have to do is take one fishing pole, launch theamo in any one River and press the button O keyboard. Now, move up true all the items present and click the button Done present at the bottom left.

    You just have to wait and you will see that your character will automatically draw many fish. In Survival mode, the fishing rods will wear out, but if you leave a lot of them in theInventory the mod will carry out the change independently. In short, you have achieved your goal.

    Since you are passionate about the Mojang title, I would recommend that you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, where you can find dozens of tutorials about this very famous game.

    How to make a fishing farm in Minecraft

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