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    How to make a hot tub in Minecraft

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    • How to build a hot tub in Minecraft
    • How to build an auto hot tub in Minecraft

    How to build a hot tub in Minecraft

    The first project I want to propose is that of one "simple" whirlpool tub, which, unlike the one I will talk about in the next chapter, does not allow you to manage the amount of water automatically.

    First of all, let's see what are the materials needed to tackle the construction of this type of tub. First, you need a polished decoration material. An example is the Polished Quartz, which you can obtain from a series of processes, but for which you will have to collect the raw material in the Nether.

    In this place, you have to collect the blocks of Raw Nether Quartz, to work them in a furnace so as to obtain the crystals of Quartz of the Nether. Then place, on a workbench, 4 units of Nether Quartz to get i Quartz blocks. Then insert the latter into a furnace to generate the Polished Quartz Blocks.

    In addition to this material, which will be the prevailing one in the hot tub, you must also build some Bottle, using 6 units of Wooden Planks in a workbench: these will serve as the outer casing of the tub.

    Finally, you will need the Sand of Souls: these are blocks of sand available in the Nether which, when placed under a block of water, generate a bubble effect. This turns out to be interesting for simulating hot water. Finally, collect somewater with buckets, to be able to fill the tank after it is completed.

    Having said that, let's see how to make a hot tub with the materials available. First, place the blocks of Polished Quartz, forming a square of the dimensions 6 脳 6. Once this is done, remove the blocks inside the square and build another one square by size 4 脳 4 using the Polished Quartz.

    Arrived at this point, in central square 2 脳 2, place the blocks of Sand of Souls and, subsequently, uses i Buckets of water to fill the tank with water: for this last operation, pour the water on the internal edges of the tank, starting from the corners and completing the points where the liquid level is lowest.

    Finally, use the Bottle that you have previously built, so as to cover the entire outer edge of the tub. In case you want to easily access the inside of the tank, you can also place some on one side steps. Less complex than you thought, right?

    How to build an auto hot tub in Minecraft

    If you want build an automatic hot tub in Minecraft, which can automatically fill with water whenever you want, in the next paragraphs I will explain how to proceed.

    First, you need to get all the necessary materials. As I advised you in the previous chapter, for the construction of a bathtub you can use smooth materials, such as the Polished Quartz. In addition, to beautify the bathtub on the outside, you can create Bottle wooden.

    To activate the water supply mechanism, you need a Button, which you can make with 1 unit of a specific material (Wooden boards, Pietra, etc.) in a workbench, and of the Redstone dust, which you get from the processing of the Raw Redstone in a furnace.

    Finally, you need a Distributor, which you can craft in a workbench using 7 units of Crushed Stone, 1 unit of Arco e 1 unit of Redstone Dust. You can find the Crushed stone underground while thebow you can manufacture it by following the instructions I have given you in this guide of mine. Also create a Bucket us 3 units of Iron Ingots, which you will need to fill with water.

    First, prepare the area to build the tank: this must be in the shape of a square by size 5 脳 5. Now, locate the exact center of the area and remove the adjacent blocks, forming one "L" 2 blocks deep. Then remove a single block at each end to form steps.

    In the exact center of the tank, where the excavation is present, place the Distributor, taking care to orient the dispensing hole upwards. At the bottom of this excavation, place the Redstone dust. Now, around the Distributor, dig a square.

    At this point, create a square 3 脳 3 made of Polished Quartz around the Distributor and then continue with another square 5 脳 5 always composed of Polished Quartz. On the corner of the tank where the redstone ended in the excavation, place a Button.

    Well: at this point, you just have to add the Bottle to the side of the tub to embellish it, place the Bucket of water inside the Distributor and finally add some steps if you want to give more style to the project. Mission accomplished!

    How to make a hot tub in Minecraft

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