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    How to Get All Kills in Among Us

    Perhaps one of the reasons to be the faker in the game Among Us It is so entertaining on the basis that you have many instruments to undermine the other individuals in the group and the burden of the honest, however, we can not help but remember that the engineers have additionally put an incredible attempt to make even the passing of the unique characters, even some funny ones.

    Numerous gamers have attempted to cheat on how to do each of the Among Us kills by going into matches over and over again to make sure they don't miss any, however the horrible news is that it's absolutely impossible to conclude what it will look like. nor how to enact a particular one so it doesn't deserve the job.

    What you can find here is the portrait of each one of them so that you can remember and try to remember the number of them that you have seen (or the number of them that you have done in your work as a fraud). In fact, with the most recent update of the game, in April of this year, there is some logic that you have not seen before within the new guide called carrier.

    the laser bar

    A farce can fire a laser bar at you, leaving you completely singed in a moment or two.

    the mysterious weapon

    Prepare yourself by assuming that a faker is following you, as to kill you he will slap you first and exactly when your back is turned, he will draw his weapon to shoot you in the back.

    Sharp teeth

    Although all of the individuals on the team look extremely irreproachable in their suits and clothing, you may be amazed when you see one of the tricksters open his mouth to get defensive and when you dare not wait any longer, stick out his tongue like a sharp sword to attack you. hit you right in the face.

    the little wind

    This is arguably the most popular pass in the game, when the charade meths assault you from behind and use their two hands to twist your neck until it breaks.

    death with blade

    This fraudulent pass is one of the cruelest, not only for the fact that it hangs for you to be thoroughly distracted, but also because it will also take out a huge blade to betray you on different occasions until it runs out or until you pass to a better life, whatever the start.

    Bounty: These are not kills, however they are the loss activities when you are catapulted off the ship.

    Goodbye Cruel World

    At the moment you are voted out of the game, in this vividness you will see yourself falling from the skies in a slow motion, as if giving an epic goodbye, and then end up falling at the fastest speed.

    in the dark space

    This is the best known movement, in which we see the crew member meandering through the universe while circling without limits.

    Straight to damnation

    It may not be damnation, but we can see his personality falling into what looks like a pile of magma, as he slowly descends into it until he vanishes.

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