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    How to Get a Kitsune on Adopt Me

    Kitsune is one of the most acclaimed awesome pets in Adopt Me, and also the most expensive. It was delivered in July 2020 and has wowed all Roblox players ever since. You can get it at the pet store, but you should know that it is worth much more than the sloth, the panda, the robot canine, the griffin and the pony.

    Step by step instructions to get a Kitsune in Adopt Me Roblox

    How much does kitsune cost in Adopt Me?

    When the kitsune from Adopt Me arrived at the pet store, it cost 300 robux, an advance for a large part of the first expense. To tell the truth, at that time the entire pet store was participating in a sale of half of its items.

    However, the deal has effectively passed, and as of today kitsune cost 600 robux, so assuming you need it you should put away your cash.

    Instructions to get a Kitsune in Adopt Me Free

    In fact speaking, there is no cheat that allows you to open this pet for free. Nothing remains at this point but to exchange one of your legendary pets for the Kitsune to receive in return.

    On the other hand, in specific events, YouTubers make incredible pet gifts, among which the kitsune could be.

    What is Adopt Me's kitsune like?

    The kitsune has a small and extremely beautiful peach-colored body, as well as three feats that resemble salmon-colored tears. Also, inside the ears, the tips of the tails, the neck and the legs have that pink hue.

    This pet can sit, rest, jump and ask. At last, each point of his tail is energized and has its own character, so to speak.

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