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    How to Find Out Who is the Impostor in Among Us

    It is extremely challenging that every time we enter a round of Among Us we come into contact with the work of the fakers, which for some, is the most exhilarating. However, that doesn't mean that all players are great fakers, so your main goal as part of the team is to be impressive in order to distinguish the most well-known blunders that fakers make when they try to win the pot.

    Observe, in light of the fact that today we will be discussing how to find out who is the fraud in Among Us and how you can gain appreciation from different individuals in the group to pay attention to you and support you in the meetings to expel the liars. Just follow these suggestions:

    Instructions to find out who is the impostor in Among Us

    Recognize where the ventilation hatches are

    The clearest sign that you have indeed experienced a fraud is to assume that you see them when they are putting away or leaving the seals. By the time this happens, the fraudster is most likely trying to kill you, so you should hold a crisis conference to determine what happened.

    The second thing that can happen is that in the meeting you try to make the individuals accept that you are the fraud, so everything will depend on your ability to persuade them to trust you.

    Going into the guide make sure you know where each stamp is and when damage is counted, these spotlights are the main points to check to recognize the offender.

    Ask the right questions

    Since the fakers don't run errands like other individuals on the team, you can use that data to your potential advantage to unmask them. Assuming they're beginning fraudsters, the main "assignment I was dealing with at the time" question is probably going to make you feel anxious.

    With more experienced fakers you can ask more explicit questions, for example "which center was checked and where?", alluding to the task of fixing the climate center on the Polus map, where only the team can know the name and the specific position of the one being groomed.

    Persuade with great contention

    There's no point in knowing who the fraud is if you can't persuade your peers to help you decide in their favor, so when you report one, you must have a valid justification for doing so, as we saw, it may well be with one of the inquiries that would implicate him or recounting how you saw him try to check if there was another observer who could support your story.

    Beware of the group that likes to separate itself from others

    A fraud acts in an ordinary way, doubting 100% of the time people who stop in a room or hallway for a long time, with the excuse that they may just be waiting to be separated from everyone else. to make a hole or damage them.

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