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    How to finish Minecraft


    • Preliminary information
    • How to finish Minecraft
      • Building weapons and armor
      • Enchant weapons and armor
      • Making potions
      • Access the End
      • Fighting the End Dragon

    Preliminary information

    Before starting to talk about the main topic of this guide of mine, it is important to point out some guidelines that will help you to continue your experience in this very famous video game, up to what can be defined its conclusion, that is the vision of the credits of game over.

    First and foremost, it is important that you prepare yourself as best you can to face the challenge that you will be facing for finish Minecraft: defeat the Drago dell'End. In case you don't know, it is a creature for which the player is required to have an excellent command of the game mechanics and equipment that is able to help him defeat it.

    The important thing is to acquire all the necessary resources, such as the food, which is essential in order to recover the health points during the fight. In this regard, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to eat in Minecraft.

    Generally speaking, you will also need several other resources to craft equipment, but I'll talk more about them in the next chapters. In the meantime, in case you need to delve into some topics related to the mechanics of Minecraft, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to play Minecraft.

    How to finish Minecraft

    finish Minecraft, it is necessary that some essential operations are performed first that require the preparation of suitable equipment to face the Drago dell'End.

    Building weapons and armor

    A first step you need to take is to build equipment that can help you defeat the End Dragon. In this regard, I advise you to forge a weapon and diamond armor, so that you can get the maximum base resistance and the best attack.

    In case you were wondering how to get the diamonds, as they are a rare resource, know that you can find them by digging underground or in the trunks scattered around the world of Minecraft. Alternatively, you can also get them in large quantities, following the advice I gave you in my guide on how to duplicate diamonds in Minecraft.

    As for the manufacture of equipment, you have to use a workbench, inside which you have to add diamonds to create the required items.

    • Elmo: 5 units of Diamonds.
    • Armor: 8 units of Diamonds.
    • Gambiera: 7 units of Diamonds.
    • Boots: 4 units of Diamonds.

    As for the Elmo, you could also use one Carved Pumpkin: the peculiarity of this object is that it can be useful against Address (also present in the battlefield along with the End Dragon) who will not attack you when you look at them. To keep Endermen at bay, you can also use gods G, of which I have told you in detail in this guide of mine.

    After the armor, it is important that you also make some diamond weapons, such as a Sword: actually it has no use against the End Dragon, but it can be useful against the Endermen. You can make one, in a workbench, using 1 units of Staff e 2 units of Diamond. In addition to a sword, you will also need a bow, useful for defeating the End Dragon. You can make one, in a workbench, with 3 units of Batons e 3 units of Lanyard.

    You will then only need an arrow, as you will have to enchant the bow with Infinity, a bonus that allows you not to consume arrows from your quiver every time you shoot one. But I'll tell you about this in the next chapter. You can, however, read other useful information on bows, enchantments and types of arrows in my guide on how to make a bow.

    Enchant weapons and armor

    Diamond equipment is not enough to face the fight with the End Dragon. You will have to enchant him with bonuses that grant you greater resistance and more power to your weapons. For this reason, it is important that you build a Spell Table.

    This tool is very useful for making gods Spell Books which can award bonuses to equipment. But let's go in order. First, you need to create a Spell Table, using 1 unit of Book, 2 units of Diamond e 4 units of Obsidian. You can in any case learn more about this tool by consulting my guide on how to make a table in Minecraft.

    As for the creation of the Spell BooksInstead, I refer you to what I have already explained to you in my guide on how to make a book on Minecraft, in which I told you in detail about how to create these books and how to infuse them on objects, using an Anvil.

    Among the bonuses you can apply to your equipment, I recommend Sharpness for the sword, which adds greater attack speed and more damage per hit. As for, however, the bow, surely you have to apply Infinity, an essential bonus so that you don't have to consume arrows. Without the latter, it is essential to make a lot of them.

    Finally, the bonus is useful for armor Protection, which increases armor points, as well as adding a reduction in damage received.

    Making potions

    In addition to the equipment, intended as weapons and armor, it is certainly useful to prepare potions that can help you increase your chances of survival during the discount with the End Dragon.

    Before you try your hand at this, however, you must reach the Nether, a hellish dimension alternative to OverWorld, in which you have to recover precious resources. Don't know how to get there? I told you about it in detail in my guide on how to make the Nether portal.

    Generally speaking, you need the Rod of Blaze and Nether's Verruca. The first, which you can get by defeating the Blazes, is used to craft a Still, the essential tool for creating potions, and also for obtaining the useful fuel to start the alchemical processes. There Nether's Verrucainstead, it is an easily identifiable plant in the Nether that is used as a reagent in potions.

    To manufacture a Still you need 1 unit of Rod of Blaze e 3 units of Crushed Stone. Next, you will need to create Ampoules using 3 unit of Glass. Using a Cruet of Water (after interacting with an Ampoule on a block of water) and one Nether's Verruca, you'll get one Strange Potion, which is the basis of most Minecraft potions.

    At this point, you need to add more reagents to the Strange Potion, so that you can get some useful combat potions. The ones I recommend you take with you are that of Healing, so you need one Slice of Shimmering Watermelon, That of Regeneration, for which one is indispensable Lacrima in Ghast, and finally that of Force, which you get by using the Blaze powder (obtainable from Rod of Blaze).

    Access the End

    After you have everything you need for this new adventure, it's time to head for theEnd, the alternate dimension where you will have to face the End Dragon. To do this you will need a portal, which you will need to activate using Eyes of Ender.

    As for accessing this portal, my advice is to carefully read all the information I gave you in my guide on how to find the End portal. If you play in mode Creative, you can even build your own. How? Following the tips I gave you in my guide on how to build the End portal.

    Fighting the End Dragon

    After you arrive inEnd, you will find yourself on a platform, through which you can easily reach the large island suspended in the void, where there is the Drago dell'End. The mechanics of the combat are as follows: it is important to first make sure you keep the Endermen at bay using the Golems and, at the same time, destroy the crystals that are on top of the obelisks arranged in a circle.

    These crystals continuously heal the dragon, preventing you from dealing damage to it. Using the bow, try to aim for the tops of these obelisks, so as to hit the crystals. For some of these it may be necessary to erect a ladder, so that you can climb or use blocks to climb.

    I warn you that the Dragon of the End can demolish any block, except theobsidian. Also, don't rush into destroying the crystals, as you can take advantage of the fact that they can inflict damage on the Dragon as they heal and destroy them in the meantime. You will have to destroy all the crystals before starting the actual fight.

    The End Dragon will attempt to execute various attacks on you: it will launch at you, spit fire at you and throw fireballs at you. You will have to use the bow to inflict as much damage on him as possible and use the healing potions and food to survive.

    When you defeat him, you will gain a large amount of experience, as well as a Dragon Egg. In addition, a portal will open for you through which you can visit the outer ring of islands that are very distant from the one you are on. Reaching this area will allow you to take on new adventures and find new items, such as theElitre, useful for flying in Minecraft.

    By entering, however, the other portal that you find in the center of the island, you can return to theOverworld. First, however, you will be shown the end-game credits. Compliments! You just finished Minecraft! Later, you can return to explore the world of this video game and also visit its parallel dimensions, such as the Nether and l 'End.

    How to finish Minecraft

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