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What materials to choose

If you want to know how to build a hotel in minecraft, you must first know the materials you will need to use for your project. Considering that you will need a large amount of resources, my advice is to proceed with the planning of the different phases, so as not to waste time and be able to dilute the work in several sessions of your free time.

Having said that, let's see together what materials you can use for the construction of your hotel. As for the blocks to use, the easiest to find is the wood. This material can easily be obtained from trees and I recommend that you use it to embellish the interiors, with wood paneling that can make the environment more comfortable.

However, I do not recommend that you build a hotel entirely in wood: in the event of a fire, the entire structure could fall into disrepair. For this reason, the use of more resistant materials, such as Stone,sandstone, the bricks or even the concrete, is ideal in this circumstance.

The concrete can take on different colors, which is useful for giving a uniform color to the hotel facade and to the interiors. In addition, it is very resistant and, like other materials, non-flammable. If, however, you want to use a resource that is also indestructible, you can use theobsidian (a material that comes from cooled magma) for the supporting structure.

Building a hotel

After explaining to you what materials you can use in building a hotel building project, it's time to see how to put it into practice. You must first consider the area where you want to build your hotel.

For this evaluation, consider whether you want to build a hotel in height or in extension over as much area as you have available. In the first case, you will certainly need a smaller area to cut out on the ground, while in the second case you have to look for a very large area in which there are not too many gradients or mountainous areas.

In addition to this, remember to create a small shelter where you can place the trunks and all the work tools you need, including a bed, to be able to be reborn in case your avatar should lose all life points.

Once this is done, start building the foundations, including the walls that delimit the external perimeter of the building. My advice is to close every single entrance with doors e windowsto prevent hostile creatures from entering and attacking you during the construction phase of the building.

For this reason, I also suggest you install cheers, which allow you to keep the whole environment illuminated and avoid the generation of aggressive creatures, which can populate the building you are building.

When you start with the construction of the hotel, in case you need to create more floors, think about making some stairs or lift and to place all furnishings both in the common areas and in the private rooms of the guests.

Anyway, in case you want to know more about how to build a hotel, my advice is to consult my guide on how to build a palace in Minecraft, in which you will find some very useful tips on how to make this building to use later. like a hotel.

Useful tips for building a hotel

In addition to the advice I gave you in the previous chapters, in case you want some ideas on how to design a hotel in Minecraft, I can also recommend other solutions in this regard. You must think, in fact, that if you do not have clear ideas, you could only waste time in collecting resources or building parts of the structure that are not useful to you.

For this reason, it is essential that you have a well-defined project to carry out, perhaps making a sketch on a sheet of paper, or digital, so as to be sure how to proceed during all phases of construction of the building.

If, however, you don't know how to proceed and have no idea how to build a hotel in Minecraft, then you may want to consult YouTube, to look for the videos of other enthusiasts like you who have tried their hand at the realization of a similar project. In this case, all you have to do is open YouTube and type the terms in the search field “hotel minecraft”.

Mod to build a hotel

If you don't have the time and desire to spend on this challenging Minecraft construction project, then you can use one against (i.e. a modification for the game) that allows you to build, in a few simple steps, any building present in its database. The mod in question is called Instant Structures Mod (ISM) and it is very easy to use. But let's see how to proceed with its installation step by step.

First, you need to install Minecraft forge, a Minecraft Java Edition add-on that allows you to run mods for this version of Minecraft. You can download Minecraft Forge from this link and you can proceed with its installation by following the instructions I gave you in this guide of mine. I recommend that you download the version compatible with both the game client and the mod itself.

Once this is done, proceed with the download of ISM: go to the official website, click the button Download Instant Structures Mod and proceed with the download of the version compatible with Minecraft Forge. After picking up the file .JAR, place it in the folder against found in the main Minecraft directory.

If you don't know this path, on Windows it is C: Users [username] AppDataRoaming.minecraft, while on macOS it is ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft. If you don't find the mod folder, you can create it manually.

At this point, after starting Minecraft, press the ▼ button next to the button Play and select the profile Forge. At this point, press the button Play And that's it. You will notice that, at the same time as Minecraft starts, the ISM window will also start, which you will not have to close for any reason.

When you are inside the game session, use the ISM window to type the term in the search engine “hotel”. Then browse the search results and click on miniature of what you want to build. Then press thebrick icon and then on key Place structure, to start building immediately near the location of your avatar.

How to build a hotel in Minecraft

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