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Dottore from Genshin Impact, also called Il Dottore, is one of the eleven Heirs of Fatui. He initially appears in the manga, set sometime before the game's experience set, as a Mondstadt negotiator.

Impacto de Dottore de Genshin en 1 momento

Genshin Impact Dottore Highlights

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Extraordinary: Unknown

Vision (component): A person outside the group

Work in the group: Unknown

Weapon: Unknown

Location: Snezhnaya

Docttore personalidad Genshin Impact

Dottore wears a long white coat over a white dress shirt and a pink tie. Underneath he wears a striped vest and faded jeans.

He loves to play with old things. Thus, he transformed these old remains into a research laboratory for the Ruin Watch.

Dottore is wild and has little regard for human existence. In his first appearance he commits Krupp to being a scouting subject for his repeated inability to get results, and later satisfies that guarantee after Krupp is locked in by Diluc over dinner.

Historia de Dottore en Genshin Impact

Dottore was kicked out of his old neighborhood by an angry mob, apparently because of his obtuse logical ideas and his exams to make "more developed people" who could surpass even divine beings. Afterwards, he was granted to Sumeru Academy, although he was dismissed for being a beast and a psychopath. Despite being fired by his colleagues and instructors, Dottore actually tried not to be removed on the grounds that he really wanted "a useful climate for research".

Dottore's powers and abilities

Little refers to Dottore's powers as a Harbinger, however he is capable of transforming individuals into beasts even after the individual has kicked the bucket. Also, in the manga he is shown wielding twin pointed metal objects that can kill shots and radiate a bright blue light from their tips.

Who gives the voice to Docttore from Genshin Impact?

The animators who will bring Docttore to life have not yet been revealed, but we will know everything to have the data quickly.

How do you draw Dottore from Genshin Impact?

We are still drawing Dottore, as we leave you in this video. Come back soon.

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