Hama Beads: Templates and Tutorial

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You have reached the perfect places to study to complete hama globules Among Us. You may be thinking about what hama globules are, they are tiny plastic shavings that have a round and hollow shape and that with the temperature of an iron you can liquefy yours, framing the ideal figure for this situation that one or all people of Between Us.

Hama dabs Among Us

In hama dabs the pieces have only three sizes: Mini, Midi and Maxi. The most commonly used pieces are the moderately sized MIDI pieces that act 5mm and also have 55 different tones for you to join in with.

Hama globules is a game that is clearing the entire world and figuring out how to dazzle many individuals from every part of the planet. Regardless of how you will engage playing it, you are also going to find out how to make kids artwork and catch every one of your drawing characters or portraits out there.

This specialty is linked to the realization of figures or drawings in a pixelated design in which its hama token coincides with a pixel and has the option of fitting into its plate with stakes, also known as "pegboard", due to this the small hama tokens they remain standing and exceptionally fixed in the area to frame a drawing.

This attraction is achieved due to the hama designs, although a design can still be involved in the pixelated design.

Instructions for playing Hama Dabs

You only need to involve a specific plate for hama, the pieces of hama dabs of the ideal size with the nuances that you will require for your plan, you will require a paper that can be pressed, for example, (onion paper, margarine paper or other appropriate paper for it) normally an iron, I invite you to do it on a flat base.

Steps to use hama globules

You must choose the nuances you want to complete the drawing of among us There are 10 characters that you can make with hama globules

Place them on the pegboard or on the plate that you have to put individually to be able to shape it

When you already have all the pieces in place, finally you have to press and make sure to put the onion skin on top of the drawing so that these cylinders are fixed and come together

Remember that the iron should not be extremely hot since in this way the pieces will soften a lot and the figure will be damaged, the idea is to liquefy a piece so that they come together, be careful not to consume it.

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