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Assuming you are looking for a decent weapon for your personality, today you will meet the Genshin Impact Rust Bow, a corroded iron bow only for the best toxophiles. Truth be told, ordinary individuals will have neither the sympathy to pick it up nor the expertise to figure out how to fire its bolts.

It is a 4-star extraordinary weapon that had a place with a renowned toxophilite who continually tried to consummate his bow and arrow authority and who saw numerous beasts and thugs throughout his profession, until he had a revelation for which he stopped arguing about bolts and beasts shot somewhere around iron bolts. He essentially covered his weapon in the dirt and went to live as a recluse in the mountains.

The afternoon of his death there was an incredible storm and just a thunderclap, that lightning that accompanied him shot upwards, consuming himself like a detonating star in the universe.

Instructions to get the Rust Bow

You must involve your desires in the Gacha and want to generally have excellent karma to get it quickly, since from such a long way there is no other technique known to reach this arc.

What are the impacts of the Rust bow?

With the unique power of Quick Shot, Normal Attack damage is expanded by 40% and Charged Attack is decreased by 10% at its first level of refinement. At the remaining levels, power will be increased by 50/60/70/80% and charged assault will forever decrease by 10%.

His extra assault starts at 9% and at level 90 it will become 41,3%.

The best characters to use the rust bow

As with most weapons, it is Tartaglia and Fischl that are prescribed to use a weapon like the Rust Bow as they are the ones that can exploit the force of Rapid Fire.

Some players are proposing that it will be a decent decision for Yohimiya, one of the new characters to appear with the latest game update.

Materials to build the Rust Arch

Guyun's Brilliant Sand, Hunting Dagger, and Damaged Masks. The last degrees of lifting him are achieved with the Divine Body of Guyun, the Long Dagger of the Inspector and the Menacing Masks.

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