How to make fireworks in Minecraft

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  • Gather the necessary materials
  • Create a pyrotechnic star
  • Create the fireworks

Gather the necessary materials

Before we start talking to you about how to make fireworks in minecraft, it is necessary that you know what are the resources that you have to procure for the realization of this project.

The essential materials for the manufacture of fireworks are the gunpowder and paper. The latter can be created starting from sugar cane and, in this regard, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to this topic.

As regards, however, the gunpowder, you can find it as a treasure inside the chests scattered around the world of Minecraft, or by defeating the creeper, Witches and ghast of the Nether.

With the materials thus obtained, you can create gods pyrotechnic rockets that do not explode, useful to be used together with theElitre, a set of wings that can be found as a reward in the chests located in the City of the End. I told you about it in detail in my guide on how to fly in Minecraft.

In case you want, instead, to create real ones fireworks, you will have to add the pyrotechnic star, which I will tell you about in the next chapter.

Create a pyrotechnic star

As I told you in the previous chapter, a fireworks rocket does not explode and, therefore, it is necessary to add the pyrotechnic star during the making of the fireworks.

This object does not have a specific project for its realization, as different materials can be added to obtain pyrotechnic effects of different types. The basic material to create a pyrotechnic star and the gunpowder: I have already explained how to get it in the previous chapter of the tutorial.

In addition to this material, you must enter a dye of your choice: you can get it from the processing of plants, such as the red which is obtained from poppy or yellow from sunflower; also, it can be extracted from other resources, such as the blu dai lapis lazuli or White From bones. By doing so, the explosion of the firework produces pyrotechnic effects of the same color used in the project.

If a unit of dye is added on one pyrotechnic star, you will also get the blending effect during the explosion. For example, if you have created a pyrotechnic star color red and add, in the next step, also theblue, the explosion of the firework will create a red color with a gradient effect on the blue.

In addition to the coloring effects, you can create fireworks with particular elements. To give you some examples, if you add a Diamond during the manufacture of a pyrotechnic star, the explosion of the firework will create a trail.

In addition to the example of the diamonds, other materials you can use are the feather, to make the explosion more crackling, the luminite powder, to make it brighter, the Gold nugget, to give the explosion the shape of a star, or one forehead of any creature, to give it the shape of a creeper's head.

I diamonds are obtained from the processing of rough diamond blocks, which you find underground. As for the feather, is obtained from hens, While the head of a creature it is rarely obtained from the defeat of a skeleton, a creeper or a zombie, just to give you a few examples.

La luminite powderinstead, it is obtained by destroying the luminite blocks found in the Nether. Finally, the gold nuggets are obtained from the processing of a gold ingot.

Create the fireworks

Now that you know all the materials you need to create fireworks, it's time to take action. First, place a unit of gunpowder and one of paper.

With this simple composition three units of rockets pyrotechnics which, as I have already anticipated in a previous chapter, will not explode but can be useful with theElitre, to gain altitude during the flight.

Now, however, add one as well pyrotechnic star with the customized effects that you have created thanks to my advice in this chapter of the guide, in order to obtain real fireworks. The resulting object will always be a fireworks rocket but, in its description, you will find the effects applied to it.

Now you just have to equip the rocket in a quick slot and interact on the ground to launch it into the air and see the pyrotechnic effect that lights up the sky. It was easy, wasn't it?

How to make fireworks in Minecraft

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