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Cyno is an imminent person in Genshin Impact. He was first encountered in chapter 12 of the authoritative manga and appeared in the plot trailer for the Teyvat chapter. In the series, she is seen helping Collei fix her archon buildup.

Cyno de Genshin Impact en 1 momento

Genshin Impact Features Cyno

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Extraordinary: Unknown

Vision (component): A person outside the group

Work in the group: Unknown

Weapon: Unknown

Location: Sumeru

Cyno's personality, Genshin Impact

Cyno is a young man with tan skin, red-orange eyes, and medium-length silver hair.

Cyno is a cultured researcher at Sumeru Academy who is, by all accounts, a seriously aloof and puzzling individual who likes to keep things clear and succinct. He seems calm and confident because of his immediate and emotionless demeanor.

Cyno's account of Genshin's impact

In the actual Genshin webtoon, when we first meet Cyno, he is cold as he takes the steps to turn Amber into a pig, until we find out that he will help Collei.

Who voices Cyno in Genshin Impact?

The animators who will bring Cyno to life have not yet been revealed, however we will know everything to have the data quickly.

How is Cyno drawn in Genshin Impact?

We are still drawing Cyno from Genshin Impact, so while we leave you with this piece of video. Come back soon!

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