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    We at MegaLevels realize that you need to know who is Alice Genshin Impact? so we must talk about this person from Genshin Impact game. She is a well-known traveler, creator of the Teyvat Travel Guide, and Klee's mother. Also, he is an elderly person known as Hexenzirkel, as well as a chemist.

    Alice is a person who has not yet appeared in the story, but who has been regularly referenced. She is the mother of Klee and the creator of the Teyvat Travel Guide.

    Alice de Genshin Impact en 1 momento

    Characteristics of Alice from Genshin Impact

    Age: 50 years.

    Height: Unknown

    Extraordinary: Unknown.

    Vision (Component): Pyromaniac (Assumed for his extraordinary ability to make explosives)

    Work in the group: Unknown

    Weapon: Unknown

    Location: Mondstadt

    How is Alice from Genshin Impact?

    Alice is a person brimming with a truly free soul who shows few limitations, as shown in the way she composed the Teyvat Travel Guide. Both Jean and Albedo further comment that Klee resembles her mother in numerous ways, perhaps suggesting that she is also exceptionally mischievous and helpless by not reflecting on the outcome.

    Despite her danger, Alice is still very strong. She is capable of and relies on her experiences to compose various thoughts and statements, as well as being talented in the vast majority of exercises.

    It is expressed that he really likes Klee, advising him to remember how much he adores her throughout the last adventure of the occasion: Summer, Islands, Adventures! Despite leaving Klee with the Knights of Favonius, he really comes back to how he is constantly.

    Alice Genshin Impact's abilities


    Siphon Construct: Exploded different arches in Storm's Dread Lair to make it easier to climb and make it appear more settled, and is currently exploring different avenues on how to make an ideal blast boost.

    Sensitive Dolls: After taking motivation from the Rabbit Baron of Amber, Alicia created Dodoco and showed Klee how to make her own unstable toys.


    Enormous Enchantment Power: Prepares Albedo, who is a capable chemist, ventures to such an extent that she considers Alicia to be a "virtually supreme sorceress", she is the main occupant of Mondstadt who could have arranged the occasions in the Golden Apple Archipelago .

    Energy Shield: Alicia is adept at crafting huge energy shields based on hydrogen.

    Discovery of sorcery: Alicia had the option to identify the power of Osial in the lower part of the Stone Forest of Guyun, where he was buried after being crushed by the Geo Archon.

    drug objects

    Crafting Elixirs: Alice's concoctions are strong, equipped to restore individuals from things like speech problems. Be that as it may, they also often have side effects.


    Hilichurl-based endless-motion machine (hypothetical): After seeing the gigantic industrial facilities at Snezhnaya that were controlled by endless-motion machines, Alicia recommended using the hilichurl as well, running it in huge ball-shaped cells to produce power for the windmills. of Mondstadt wind. This idea was discarded.

    Shipping Gadget (Failed): Alicia made a shipping gadget to check if someone can travel to Celestia, using hilichurls as guinea pigs. They could range from Windrise Oak to Springvale.

    Self-propelled Shell Boat Model (Faded): While trying to transform the Yaoguang Shoal shell house into a boat, Alicia made no fewer than three self-propelled boat models. However, he was unable to do so and finally gave up.

    Alicia's story from Genshin Impact

    She met her daughter's father on a trip, married him, and brought Klee into the world today. Alicia began to compose a movement guide for Teyvat at an earlier dark moment, recording the characteristics and qualities of his movements.

    On her outing, while visiting Liyue, Alicia met Zhong Li, whom she called the "sternest individual" she knew. She is a companion to the renowned chemist and craftsman of Khemia Rhinedottir. Following Rhinedottir's disappearance, he left his ward albedo responsible for her.

    Who voices Alicia from Genshin Impact?

    The voice animators who rejuvenate Alicia are

    En Chino : Qi Zhang

    En japonés: Kikuko Inoue

    How to draw Alice from Genshin Impact?

    We are still drawing Alice so we leave you with this piece of video and we will come back soon to know how to draw her.

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