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It is normal for Genshin Impact to release Yunjin as a playable person in the following updates, Yunjin is an icon like the figure of Liyue. Like Barbara of Mondstadt,

Yunjin de Genshin Impact en 1 momento

Soon we will transfer the Yunjin video, however we leave you with this piece of video. Appreciate it

Characteristics of Yunjin from Genshin Impact

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Extraordinary: Unknown Unknown

Vision (component): A person outside the group

Work in the group: Unknown

Weapon: An Outsider

Location: Linyue

Gu铆a yunjin de Genshin Impact Build

yunjin de Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Yunjin Experience Set

In addition to singing, Yunjin is also an artist and brewer at the tea house. Nonetheless, she is a star in Liyue, just as Barbara has a high status as a symbol of Mondstadt.

El personaje de Yunjin de Genshin Impact

Yunjin is a performing artist from Liyue, who runs the Heyu Tea House organization. Although his way of treating his music is seen as more usual, Xinyan has found that he also likes impressive music and often watches Xinyan's shows.

Who provides Yunjin with the voice of Genshin Impact?

So far we do not have this data, when we have it we will take care of distributing it.

How can Yunjin be taken out of Genshin Impact?

The video on how to draw Yunjin from Genshin Impact will be transferred soon! So while we leave you with the video of the best person in the game or so they say... Check back soon!

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