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    Yae miko

    Yae Miko is an imminent person in Genshin Impact. Minister of the Narukami Grand Shrine. His exquisite and wonderful appearance hides a cunning and cunning character. She is a lady who is not difficult to anticipate and who has her own rules and strategies for doing things. Here we have a deep understanding of Yae Miko.

    Genshin Impact's Yae Miko in 1 minute

    Soon we will transfer the video of Yae Miko, however we leave you with this piece of video. Appreciate it

    Qualities of Yae Miko from Genshin Impact

    Age: Unknown

    Unknown height

    Extraordinary: Unknown

    Vision (Component): Electro

    Work in the group: Unknown

    Weapon: Unknown

    Area: Inazuma

    Personaje Yae Miko de Genshin Impact

    Yae has a strange character. She is known for her benevolence and does not hesitate to understand books and stories.

    Aspecto de Yae Miko de Genshin Impact

    Yae has purple eyes and long wispy pink hair with hair tied at the base and fox ears. Yae wears unique and tailored outfits driven by the tones of the usual outfits of the altar priestesses. She wears a gold hood and is paired with gold earrings studded with purple gems.

    Who voices Yae Miko from Genshin Impact?

    The voice cheerleader who will rejuvenate Yae Miko is:

    Ayane Sakura japonesa y Mingya Du china.

    How to draw Yae Miko from Genshin Impact?

    Soon we will transfer you the video of how to draw Yae Miko from Genshin Impact! So while we leave you with the video of the best person in the game or so they say... Check back soon!

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