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We have always appreciated the extraordinary expertise of Coin Master's designers with regard to making so many towns to investigate and each of the occasions they put at our disposal, however when we ask ourselves what Coin Master's arrangements are, it is the point at which we find his true inventiveness.

It is not only about making the names of each set of cards, but also the theme and each card that makes up each set. In numbers, we can say that the number of sets or assortments that exist are 58 (so far), each adjusted by 9 cards, which can be normal, intriguing or gold, for a total of 522 cards that you could currently own.

What are the Coin Master sets

These are the names of the relative multitude of sets:

Pet Card Set

Sculpture Card Set

Monster Card Set

Things Card Set

animal card set

candy card set

Bling Card Set

Viking card set

Hot Rides Card Set

Halloween card set

Japan card set

Plants Card Set

OZ card set

Africa card set

Alice card set

Legends Card Set

Ice Queen Card Set

Saints Card Set

Christmas card set

Sand Land Card Set

Letters from Egypt

Elves card set

Elf Card Set

Clan Card Set

Sea Card Set

Letters from China

Canada Card Set

Map of Mongolia

Carnival Cards

Venice Charter

Sherlock Card Set

Beanstalks Card Set

Legendary Card Set

Baba Yaga's Letters

Scotland Letters

Dino card set

Camp Setup Card Set

Forest Card Set

Space Cards Set

Mexico card set

Digital Cowboys card set

Toy Card Set

Set of Trolls cards

Artisan Card Set

Spain Playing Cards Set

Swiss Card Set

Fantasy Card Set

Soul Card Set

sports card set

Super Villains Card Set

Letters from Brazil

Set de cartas Steampunk

Highway 66 Card Set

Set of Cards Pe Salon

Set de cartas Knights

Champions Card Set

Tormented Card Set

Travel to Space Card Set

As may be obvious, the themes are exceptionally different from each other. They can be nation driven, awesome characters, some are more conventional than others, however the claim is that each set you complete will net you a decent prize. Make sure you don't progress out of towns until you've collected a ton of chests from each location, so you try not to lose cards that won't come out later.

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