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    What are Flying Daisies and where to find them?

    It is an ordinary climbing plant from Mondstadt that loves the breeze. For the pleased children of the breeze they are the "remarkable breezes".

    Where to find the flying daisy genshin Impact

    Here we leave you this video so that you know certain places where you can get a fairly large number.

    Where to get flying daisies

    You can think of them as being in places like:

    Near the sculpture of the Seven of the Rising Wind.

    Under the trees

    In the shelter of Stormterror

    You can buy flora

    Which characters can use the flying daisy

    Right now Bennett, Sucrose and Traveler.

    What you should know about flying daisies

    Flying daisies cannot thrive in places with downpours or in windless places. So realizing this you will know the places where the flying daisies fill up in Genshin Impact.

    Genshin Impact flying daisy map

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