The landscape of the Luhua Pond

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To know how to do the Genshin Impact mission: The Luhua Pond scene, get comfortable and press play. Pay attention to minute 3

Instructions to do the mission The scene of the Luhua Pond

The remarkable mission of painting and colors has numerous drawbacks for almost all players. In any case, filling the Luhua Pond scene is significantly more than suggested. A beneficial mission and presumably one of the most wonderful in the game.

Genshin Impact's planet is surprisingly charming, and there's even a quest to honor quite possibly the most surprising scene. It is known as the Luhua Pond Landscape and repeats the call of a painter. Like other missions in the game, this one is divided into numerous parts. The company is the appropriation of Vermeer, an NPC that can be tracked south of Lake Luhua.

Instructions to find the mystery of Luhua Pond

You must climb each of the gigantic sculptures near the lake and then associate yourself with the top of these titanic stones. After this a battle will start: be careful, it's coordinated Make sure you have your best characters ready!

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