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    Nobile, also called Tartaglia, is a playable character but at the same time he is a weekly enemy of Genshin Impact much like Andrius and Dvalin. The prizes that you get for beating him can be opened once a week, in any case you can fight him as many times as you need

    Where to find Nobile in Genshin Impact?

    This adversary can be found in the Enter the Golden House space, which is located south of Liyue Harbor.

    Curiosities of Nobile

    Nobile or Tartaglia is also a playable character in Genshin Impact. He is the 11th of the Fatui, a "criminal" association that is spread throughout Teyvat. There are the Eleven Heralds to which Tartaglia ranks as number 11

    Noble Weaknesses

    d'Element characters like Cryo or Pyro would be amazing to kill Nobile.

    Step by step instructions to overcome the impact of Nobile from Genshin

    To hang on try to stay away from these Nobile abilities. You can keep rushing to dodge their assaults, while trusting your characters to fix the others.

    The Cursed Whale: Flee to its tail or to the field closures.

    The Electric Ring: Run to the edges of the field so your personality hits the Pyro to dissipate the ring.

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