New World of Warcraft expansion 'Dragonflight' available later this year

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World of Warcraft has been in constant constant evolution since its beginnings. After almost 18 years, and with its anniversary just around the corner its anniversary just around the corner, the video game remains one of the most played MMORPGs among the most played MMORPG by Internet users. After many updates and expansions, World of Warcraft, continues to engage users as the first day and allows them to enjoy all kinds of and allows them to enjoy all kinds of content as well as choose characters that suit their style of play. characters that suit their style, among races and classes. In addition, Blizzard is wasting no time and has already announced the new expansion that will be released later this year. year. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is already a reality. a concrete date, but what we do know is that it will be available before the end of the year. before the end of the year.

This information has also been accompanied by another series of new features; new animations, more detailed scenery and graphical detailed scenarios and graphical improvements, apart from the pre-purchase campaign that includes four different four different editions: the Base (49,99€), Heroic (69,99€), Epic (89,99€) and Collector's (89,99€) and Collector's Edition (129,99€), each of them with different content.

Starting with the Base edition, we find the expansion of the videogame along with the Drakks Mascot as a pre-purchase bonus and the evocative Dracthyr; this last one will be available before or after launch. The Heroic Edition includes the content of the standard edition plus a character level up to level 60, a flying mount level 60, a Tangled Dreamweaver flying mount and the Murjastrasza pet. Murjastrasza Mascot. The Epic edition features all of the above contents plus 30 days of free gameplay, the Time Walker's hearthstone effect and the of Time and the transfigurations for the headband head slot of the spell keeper and the and the wings of awakening back slot in 5 color variants. color variants. And finally, the collector's edition. This, like the rest, includes all the aforementioned content along with the hardcover Dragonflight art book, the Dragonflight hardcover art book, the Alextrasza mouse pad and a set of five pins. five pins.

Fans of the video game are eager to explore the Dragon Isles again. For the first time in 20 years of history, they will be able to dive into their lands and explore every corner of Azeroth. There is still no exact date, but the truth is that Blizzard is working hard to deliver it to us as soon as possible. Now we just need to be attentive and, remember, you can already pre-order World of Warcraft: Dragonflight on

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