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    Nani from Brawl Stars is an epic brawler with a keen eye for fighting. It is a robot with a low health level but it deals a lot of damage with its ranged assaults and has a moderate development speed, so with it you will be able to move effectively around the field and shoot your opponents when you are in position and the right time.

    About Nani from Brawl Stars

    Nani from Brawl Stars in 1 moment

    How old is Nani in Brawl Stars?

    Nani is a robot however she was customized to act like a young girl, so we can reason that her age is 7 years old.

    Phrases of Nani in Brawl Stars in Spanish

    We should go have a lookie - Vamos a investigar

    This is excessive - This is excessive

    I don't merit this

    That was not my expectation - That was not my goal

    Danger danger

    How to get Nani in Brawl Stars?

    Being an epic brawler we will only help you through the boxes and super boxes of the game.

    Nani Skins in Brawl Stars

    Retro: Available for 30 Egg Yolks.

    Sally: Available for 150 Egg Yolks.

    Nani's story

    Nani is a robot that has endured various calamities, her dearest companion is Jessie and despite being a robot, she is personalized to be exceptionally kind and friendly, the truth is that she is extremely sweet, however assuming you end up before her in combat, You will certainly regret it as Nani can do a ton of damage to her enemies.

    Capabilities of the star Nani from Brawl Stars

    Timed Center: When this ability is activated, Peep gives away up to 2500 additional damage based on the distance he ventures, so if you're lucky, this assault can kill your opponents.

    Solidified Steel: Reduces the damage Nani takes by 80% less while her super jump is activated.

    Super Nani de Brawl Stars

    Controller: Nani releases Peep and uses it with a greatsword against her opponents, detonating the second on contact and dealing up to 2000 damage to your targets.

    Nani Brawl Stars Devices

    Teleport Burst: This contraption causes Nani to magically transport herself to the last place Peep was.

    Return to Sender: Returns 80% of the damage Nani took in the last round they did.

    Instructions to involve Nani in Brawl Stars

    Nani does not have an exceptionally undeniable degree of well-being, so you must get well in the guide so as not to take too much damage and at the same time, in a special situation to assault your enemies somewhere far away and cause them a lot of damage. Nani is very useful due to her super assault, which can deal a ton of damage, and her gratitude to her gadgets, because of which she can magically transport and return any damage she takes.

    Nani cosplay

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    Step-by-step instructions to draw Nani from Brawl Stars

    Here we leave you the best photos and drawings of Nani so that you can print and shade in the place you need.

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