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Jean from Genshin Impact She is an instructor of the Knights, Jean exhausts herself to satisfy her exercises, Although she does not have extraordinary gifts, her diligent effort has made her possibly the most powerful part.

You can track gifts, star groupings, qualities, and history here, so read on.

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Atributos de Jean de Genshin Impact

Age: 20 years.

Height: 169,5 cm

Extraordinary: 5 stars.

Vision (component): Pleasant

Work in the group: Healer

Weapon: Lightsaber

District: Mondstadt

The most effective method to get Jean from Genshin Impact

Jean is a person that you can get by pulling your standard in the Gachapon shop (what your Intertwined Fate costs or experiences with default).

Abilities of Jean from Genshin Impact

Favonius Blade Procedure (Normal Attack)

Typical Attack: Up to 5 quick rounds.

Charged Attack: The protection from launching an assault containing Anemo's power is decreased.

Swipe Attack: Swoop down from the air to reach the ground, damaging nearby opponents and handling enemies.

Blizzard Edge (Elemental Ability)

Jean concentrated the force of the breeze on her sword, deflected a small storm, repelled the enemy towards the path that she pointed and managed to do a lot of damage to Anemo.

Dandelion Breeze (ultimate ability)

Pick up wind insurance, make a field of dandelions, knock down neighboring enemies and deal damage at wind speed. At the same time, he promptly repairs the welfare of all companions and partners.

Breezefriend (Passive 1)

At the time it is hit, the typical assault has an average chance of 15% of the assault strength of all individuals in the crew.

Let the breeze guide us (Passive 2)

After using Dandelion Breeze, 20% Elemental Energy is restored.

Let the breeze guide us (Passive 3)

The moment "flawlessness" is achieved on a plate with a support hit, there is a 12% chance of getting twice the item.

Constellations of Jean from Genshin Impact

Safeguarding of individuals

The moment the west wind blows

dandelion kingdom

Burst of heavenly bodies

tactile burst

Dandelion, faithful defender of Mondstadt

Antiques of Jean from Genshin Impact

Traveler heart

2 pieces ready: 18% assault.

4 Pieces Ready: Use Blade, Incredible Sword, or Spear above 35% normal assault

dear maiden

2 set pieces: Character recovery impact increased by 15%.

4 Pieces Ready: Using a Natural or Burst perk increases repair by 20% in ten seconds

emerald green shade

2 Pieces Ready: Anemo's damage is increased by 15%.

4 Pieces Ready: Increases Whirlwind damage by 60%. Decreases the opponent's Elemental RES to the component implanted in the Maelstrom by 40% in 10 seconds

Historia de Jean de Genshin Impact

Jean is the Great Lady of Favonius' request. In general, she dealt with the management of the riots in Mondstadt and obviously worked energetically to protect the city from opportunity.

Who gives the voice to Jean from Genshin Impact?

The voice animators who bring Jean to life are:

Stephanie Southerland (inglés) y Chiwa Saitō (斎千和) (japonés).

How to draw Jean from Genshin Impact?

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