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    How to Unlock Jason's Mask in Among Us

    For fans of Among Us And of the blood and gore movies it was really invigorating to find in the decorations segment the opportunity to use the cover of Jason, the prestigious person from the Friday the thirteenth movies, for free. Despite the fact that it was only an accessible decoration for Halloween 2019, quite a few customers hatched a response to get it even months after the fact.

    These kinds of niceties and upgrades are the ones that most persuade us to stay tuned to the game to modify our personality, which is why many are undoubtedly eager to acquire pets, decorations and other exceptional things that can tolerate output between different clients.

    Instructions to get Jason's mask in Among Us

    The uplifting news is that it doesn't matter which stage you play from, to find out how to get Jason's veil in Among Us you just have to follow these means:

    Open the Settings of your PC or Android, this must be done before entering the game.

    Look for the Date and Time area.

    You will see that the data is synchronized through the web in a natural way. So you need to disable that scheduled clock option.

     When you have it disabled, you can change the date and time to 23:59 on October 30.

    At this time, open the Among Us app and wait for the time on your watch to read 00:00 on October 31.

     Log in, play or join a match, and head to the Lobby PC.

     In the "tweak" area you'll see that Halloween covers will be accessible, including Jason's cover from Friday the XNUMXth, obviously.

     At this time you just have to use it and with that you will have it accessible for the game.

    Step-by-step instructions to get Jason's mask in Among Us

    The most effective method to get Jason's mask in Among Us

    If the trick doesn't work for you, relax. Try restarting the game or, again, assuming it's important to uninstall and reinstall, they'll most likely show up with that. When they appear in your customization menu, you won't have to stress as they will be saved in your registry from now on, so update the time and date on your gadget once again.

    What is really funny about this skin is that it can very well be very disconcerting to different players as everyone almost certainly thinks you are a faker however you can never be persuaded enough until one of the group understands some terrible activity.

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