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    How to unban in Minecraft


    • Preliminary information
    • How to unban in Minecraft
      • Come sbannare su Minecraft Java Edition
      • Come sbannare su Minecraft Bedrock

    Preliminary information

    Before going into the details of the procedure on how to unban in minecraft, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

    Well, you must know that thereverse operation to ban it cannot be done by everyone, as it happens for the ban itself. In fact, only the server administrators or in any case who has theautorizzazione can do this.

    Put simply, you must have your own server to carry out all the operations related to the ban. Alternatively, I remind you that you can still contact the managers of the server you are playing on (including using chat), in case you are playing on a server not owned by you.

    In any case, in case the server is yours and you have wrong to ban someone, since the player involved actually he was not a griefer (i.e. a user who just wants to create havoc), you can continue reading the tutorial.

    In fact, in this guide I will show you how to behave in this case. On the other hand, the command to ban comes easily to mind when someone is not behaving well, but then it is actually not an everyday operation. remove the ban from someone. Let's see how to proceed.

    How to unban in Minecraft

    After explaining the general situation, I would say that it is time to get "in the heart" of the tutorial, actually explaining how to remove the man from a user in Minecraft. Below you will find all the indications of the case, relating to both the edition Java of the game, available only on PC, than that Bedrock, available on Windows 10, console and mobile devices instead.

    Come sbannare su Minecraft Java Edition

    If you usually play from Java version of Minecraft for PC, you should know that removing the ban imposed on a user is actually not very difficult (even if you clearly have to take some precautions).

    The basic requirement is, as I explained in the preliminary chapter, to be a server administrator. If the server is owned by you, I remind you that to get the privileges just use the command op [your username]. In this way, you will become admin and you can therefore do "good and bad weather" inside the virtual room.

    Once this is done, you have everything you need to be able to "Correct" the wrong ban. Of course, it all depends on which one type of "block" you have chosen for the affected user. I remind you, in fact, that in the Java edition of Minecraft for PC it is possible to ban a player in two ways: based on his nickname or on his IP address.

    In the first case, it simply comes player name banned, while using the second method is possible prevent the latter from returning with other accounts through the same IP address (griefers over the years have sadly found ways to get around the latter as well, but that's another story).

    In any case, if you have simply used the / ban command, you have surely imposed a "block" relative to the nickname of the player. In fact, I remind you that to ban theIP address of a user, you must use the command / ban-ip.

    To go back and make a user play again on your server, you must therefore use the command / pardon [username] in the case of you del nickname or / pardon-ip [username] for the ban of the IP address (you must therefore know the player's IP address). In this way, you will remove the restrictions for the person involved. To open the command console, you must clearly use the button T of the keyboard.

    In case you are forgot the player's nickname that you have banned, I remind you that you can easily get one list of those who can no longer access your server. To do this, you just need to use the command / banlist players or / banlist ips.

    This way, you can get the list of players banned in the "classic" way or through the IP system. I mean, now you know everything there is to know about getting someone back to play on your server.

    Of course I remind you that, as I have already let you know previously, if the server is not owned by you you can always contact the directors or, in any case, those in charge, reporting users who are not doing well.

    Come sbannare su Minecraft Bedrock

    How do you say? You usually play Minecraft via the Bedrock version? No problem, I'll explain the situation straight away. I remind you that the Bedrock edition is available for Windows 10, consul e mobile devices. Put simply, if you are wondering, for example, how to unban in minecraft for ps4, this is the chapter for you.

    In this case, there is no specific command to ban a player, so the procedure is different than the one for the Java version for PC. In fact, I remind you that in the Bedrock edition of the Mojang title there are not a few who "ban" the players simply building a prison.

    Put simply, administrators create a structure for "Trap" the user's character which did not perform well within a structure positioned in le coordinate ben precise. In this way, the player sees nothing and cannot disturb.

    In short, in this case obviously to "unban" a player you just need it act the "old way" e get him out of jail. Obviously, first you will have to get the banned person to tell you what the bans are coordinates structure.

    In any case, often in the Bedrock version of the game it is enough to get someone back to play exit and re-enter the server. Alternatively, you may want to send an invitation to the person involved or restart the world.

    Put simply, remedying your "mistake" isn't difficult even from the Bedrock version of the game. Of course, you will simply have to think about it before letting someone play again, since there is probably a reason if any administrator has decided not to return a particular user.

    For the rest, since you are a fan of the Mojang title, you may also be interested in taking a look at other tutorials on these pages, since you may be looking for ideas for your gaming sessions.

    In this context, I would advise you to take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft. In fact, in the latter you can find many other guides that could be for you.

    How to unban in Minecraft

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