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    How to turn off the light in Among Us

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    The most experienced fraudsters in Among Us realize that the blackout methodology is one of the best for winning the fight. Why? Indeed, in addition to giving the team an incredible disadvantage since they are now only linked by a small shimmer of light that encompasses them, they need to rush to where the matter is to recover in time.

    Regardless of whether you are a sham or a part of the group, today you will find out how to turn off the light in Among Us and how to get it back.

    Fraud: How to remove the light in Among Us

    As a fraud you have a huge button at the bottom of the screen that says 'Damage', hit it just when you're sure there can't be any other part of the party nearby that can break away from you.

    Next, choose the damage, for this, you will be shown a guide with a few buttons in red, the one you want is the one with a symbol like a lightning bolt, in the Electrical room.

    When you press that symbol, all the lights on the ship will go completely off and a warning will start to sound.

    If you think that someone has figured out how to see you, you should imagine that you are witnessing the stopping damage. In any case or on the other hand assuming that it is only one, you will have the ideal opportunity to kill it without any other individual seeing you.

    This is one of the sinkholes that may take the longest, both for you as a fraud and for the group to fix it. Although it may seem like a couple of steps to turn off the lights, you really want to set aside the most suitable opportunity to do so and not be apparent as the suspect since this room is one of the most regular ones that individuals in the group visit to complete their investigations. Business.

    Gear: How to Weaken Electrical Disruption

    You'll know the damage has started when the ship's lights unexpectedly go out.

    You will need to hurry to find the electrical room and quickly go to it. Be careful, as keeping your eyes on the guide makes it easier for you to lose your way.

    When you are there, you will see a briefcase that lights up, you must go to it to finally stop the damage.

    You will see a board with several switches and a few lights, some on and some off, you must associate with them until they turn on completely.

    Assuming the group figure out how to turn on the lights in time, the ship will be back on track and it will be the ideal opportunity to uncover the fraud, as the longer it is delayed, the fraudsters will buy the important time to do other damage and that could be the game over.

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