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    How to Summon Un.Known in Among Us

    It is not an unexpected day, the hours go by quickly and it is time to rest. Since you can not rest, you choose to enter the game Among Us to distract yourself for a while in a quick game, you spend a few minutes there, complete your missions and in the same way that you are going to finish, another member of the crew appears. You decide not to care and think you may have seen him in the hallway but not focused on him, until you discover that this piece of equipment looks like something else.

    How to Summon Un.Known in Among Us

    Hence, a large number of stories begin that speak of the reviled character known as un.known or UNKNOWN. Players who enter matches around the day off unexpectedly experience a rather strange party part that seems to be waiting to assault them. Do you want to know how to conjure un.known in Among Us? continue reading.

    What does Un.Known look like?

    It's hard not to look at him, as regardless of whether he tries to mimic some other part of the team, he's the only one with his arms in their ordinary state. We say "ordinary state" referring to the fact that when you play regularly you never see the arms of any part of the group, possibly they appear when you are doing safe missions or when you are the charade and go to kill someone. That's why it's rare for Un.known to generally have his apparent arms.

    As if that wasn't appropriate, Un.known wears a light blue suit, but his visor is 100% stained with blood near him and his head looks like it has a wound that has caused him to lose part of his cap.

    Step-by-step instructions to Summon Un.Known in Among Us

    It is said that this reviled phony sometimes just shows up in the games he chooses, regardless of the guide, or then again assuming you are playing a public or private game, one way or another he can constantly show up no matter if you are not in no case, playing with others You have just entered free mode to rehearse. However, there are safe advances you can follow that players say you can use to ensure you appear when you need to.

    Enter free mode in any guide at 3:00 am We suggest you choose the Mira HQ map as it is the one where his appearances have been counted the most.

    Head to the medical wing and stay there until you've heard 16 beeps from the machine

    Next, go to the mail room and stay there for another 16 seconds.

    Quickly go to the delivery room and in that general area Un.known will sit down and wait for you

    Numerous players have tried to imitate this much-maligned phony by changing their username, but have really always been unable to imitate his trademark arms, also worry that someone will try to scare you with that.

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