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    How to Summon Patient 0 in Among Us

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    Each of the reviled characters has a beginning, everything is said, when the creepypastas of the supposed beasts that attack the rounds of Among us at dawn, we realized that some of them were more than likely the beginning of these. According to accounts, the person who started all this is called Patient 0.

    Players say that he is an exceptionally novel piece of equipment, not difficult to recognize due to the fact that he acts extremely abnormally and is absolutely impossible to show outside of the game, so everyone votes for him. He just stays close to the guide until, when you don't dare to wait any longer, he starts killing everyone around him. Learn here how to call Patient0 in Among Us and watch it.

    Patient History 0

    It is said that a small container once crashed on the Polus world. This planet is completely frozen, so the container remained without contact with the outside for a long time and was hidden under the ice. A gathering of researchers observed it and their interest made them try to thaw it out, however when it reached the new room temperature an animal came out and assaulted the green researcher named Zero.

    They had the researcher under study for a long time, however, upon awakening, he could feel the animal taking over his body and psyche until it took full control. By the time the different investigators went back to their normal examination, they saw that it had changed, but before responding, patient0 had effectively eaten much of the team. Finally, when one more ship appeared in the world, they saw this horrendous scene in which there was only one survivor: the phony researcher, who currently only seeks to continue contaminating the individuals in the team to turn them into phonies as well.

    What does Patient 0 look like?

    He is an ordinary green suit fraud however for unknown reasons he appears, by all accounts, to be radioactive, his visor is dirty with a green covering and he additionally has a small noticeable tooth. Basically it's the thing he's in his stage 1, the underlying stage where he really has comparative qualities to the next guys on the team. In any case, when he reaches stage 2, he develops bat wings and horns appear as if he were a little devil.

    At last, in his stage 3, his wings turn into long arms with 3 hooks on each hand, legs appear with attributes similar to his legs, his horns develop to overlap around his face, and they are currently charged with blood. His gaze turns evil, he develops numerous teeth and a long harsh tone appears. His ribs are now visible and long, jagged bones appear around his back.

    Step-by-step instructions to summon Patient 0 in Among Us

    You must enter the game in free mode and choose the Polus map

    Choose the Polus map

    Go to the admin room and wait for the DVD logo on the TV to jump several times

    Head to the sample room and bump into the middle table several times

    At this moment, go through the cleaning room and Patient0 will visit you.

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