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    How to Summon Ivan in Among Us

      Among the numerous accounts of alleged "creepypastas" within the game Among Us, there is Ivan, a very striking character since he does not look like a space traveler or an apparition, in fact he is a dark goliath beast, which seems to have only 1 eye , numerous teeth and remarkable hooks with which he will try to assault the group.

      How to Summon Ivan in Among Us

      Assuming that you are interested in how to call Ivan in Among Us as numerous different players, this is the data that you want with the bit by bit to achieve it in the two guides that could appear, although it is vital to let you that nothing could happen even know if you follow the means exactly, we will pass it to you on the basis.

      Gather Ivan on the Skeld map

      Enter the game with your username and choose the free mode.

      Pick the Skeld map and go to the power room.

      Follow the yellow wire until it disappears

      At this point accept the circumstances for what they are until it closes and go to the cafeteria.

      At this point you must walk to the firearms room BUT you must not enter, you just have to stay one stage back.

      This is the means by which you really want to see Ivan with his mouth open trying to assault.

      Meet Ivan on Mira's HQ map.

      Go back to freemode, but choose the Mira HQ map

      Go to the PC and choose the red disk to be a faker.

      Currently you must kill 3 fakers however these must be located in the nursery, in the living room

      organization and in the room from protruding radio cables.

      Stay between the red and dark wires

      This way you will be able to see Ivan in his entire body, that is, with his legs and teeth.

      player hypothesis

      This person has behind one of the most remarkable accounts of the multitude of "vilified players" that must exist in the game. It is said that Iván entered a part of the team and everything seemed ordinary until at night he killed the other individuals in the group, thus he reached his stage 1, his arms appeared with huge legs and his mouth also changed.

      So at that moment a Polus transport showed up and that's when Ivan saw an opportunity to continue caring so he continued to his stage 2 where his mouth developed and his teeth came out. He developed and turned out to be significantly more until he reached a small planet, which is the place where he became his incomparable stage, benefited from the entire population, transmitted the light around him, and ended up becoming the legend known as "the sir phony." It is now said that he got a working ship back and that is how he left the planet and no one really knows his whereabouts afterwards.

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